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Thu Feb 16 2023admin
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Now let’s take a look at some specific actions and settings for Facebook ads. If you want to log in to Facebook in China, you need a residential IP proxy of an overseas Socks5 node. After setting up the residential IP proxy through your mobile phone, you can log in to your Facebook account. The residential IP is needed here because its IP segment is fixed, which can guarantee our accounts will not be blocked by Facebook due to abnormal IP.
Let's take a look at capturing the attention of your grantee audience in the center of your news feed. A successful brand marketing campaign should capture the audience's attention at the center of the news feed. This is especially true for businesses targeting mobile device users. News Feed is the only ad slot on our mobile platform where ads are displayed alongside content posted by a user's family and friends. Because of this, Facebook ads can help advertisers reach a brand's core audience efficiently. If you want to grow your business with Facebook and INS, let's take a look. Learn to use relevant tools to create marketing activities on these two platforms. We look at the platform to create marketing activities. We learn how and why Facebook News Feed is the central source of information for digital and mobile minded users, and learn how to use a variety of ad creative formats to build your brand on Facebook and INS. Learn about our targeting tools and ad delivery tools, and use them to more smoothly communicate your brand message throughout the marketing funnel. What is our first step in creating an effective brand marketing campaign? That is audience analysis and audience targeting.
A success story. Attracts Indonesian food lovers. This is an app, a food recommendation app. The app used Facebook News Feed posts to recommend food to Indonesian users, and the website traffic surged twenty-fold in 6 months. The brand story is to serve food lovers. Qraved is an app that connects Indonesian food lovers with local restaurants. Users can use the app to locate and claim offers. Qraved has launched mobile and desktop apps for Android and iOS operating systems. In addition to food recommendations, it also provides food-related news, reviews from top food bloggers, dining guides and restaurant information. The goal of the brand is to create a media brand. Qraved aspires to attract more people to the app, helping people discover unique restaurants and eateries, and stimulating people to explore new and delicious tastes. At the same time, it also hopes to enhance brand awareness and establish itself as a media brand, not just a positioning service.
Qraved CEO Kim said that Facebook perfectly fits these needs, enabling frequent interactions with Indonesian food lovers and inspiring them to explore new dining experiences. We plan to use Facebook's advanced marketing features to share our carefully prepared content with our audience. In our future integrated marketing campaigns, Facebook will definitely feature in some important solutions.
Dining out has always been a social event as photos stimulate the taste buds. Qraved uses Facebook ads to help people discover new and delicious foods and inspire people to recommend each other. They add mouth-watering food photos and helpful restaurant and food information to the ad to stimulate decisive positioning. No matter what device they're using, so the product they're using is advertising.
News Feed for desktop, News Feed for mobile. The goal of audience analysis advertising is to increase brand awareness and increase online sales. The success of the brand lies in the endless exploration. Link-based ads and photo ads help Indonesian users learn about the most popular food trends and the most recommended restaurants on Qraved. Today, Qraved is the most popular food discovery app in Indonesia, with 1 million food lovers using it every month and discovering more than 20,000 restaurants.

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