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Learn about the three key values of Facebook marketing that help us reach our target audience and achieve our business goals. We've seen all too well the rapid growth in mobile device usage and the power of News Feed. I also learned that doing Facebook marketing requires a residential IP of Yilu proxy. Through the residential IP, mobile phones can be used for Facebook marketing anytime, anywhere. Now we need to understand how Facebook helps us to carry out brand marketing, increase sales and business effectiveness.
What are the three key values that Facebook brings to advertisers? The first is accurate coverage, the second is highly active users, and the third is reliable results. Precision coverage. Facebook's ability to reach a quality audience at its best is second to none. We know that advertisers take their audience very seriously, and it's at the heart of everything Facebook does. Take a look at how many audiences Facebook has around the world. The average monthly active user is close to 1.8 billion, the mobile terminal has more than 1 billion daily users, and the average daily active user is more than 1 billion.
We can also increase online sales through Facebook. Facebook is truly unique in its ability to enable advertising that delivers real business results both online and offline. They can measure based on actual users, not just cookies or clicks. So whether our goal is to reach a new audience launching a product, increase online sales or traffic, or a combination of all of the above, Facebook can measure and optimize advertiser investments at all stages of the buying funnel.
On top of that, Facebook generally delivers a higher return on ad dollars than other mediums. For proof that businesses are getting solid results on Facebook, let's take a look at these Facebook success stories. Let's take a look at concern worldwide, who ran a 6-month experiential and learning project that used images to great effect, successfully improving audience engagement. Concern word wide is a form of public welfare advertising that uses pictures. Every photo tells a story, and a 19x increase is an increase in engagement. In a 12-month period, their stories can change lives. Because the company works with the world's poorest people, work can change their lives. Actively doing this work in 28 countries. Their foundation helps these people fight hunger and equip them to face the challenges of the future.
Advertisers, their goal is to want to stimulate everyone's emotional interaction. So the advertiser uses the Facebook platform to increase the exposure of his company. To attract new and potential philanthropists. Their whole social team, but also educate their audience, inspire them to interact more emotionally. One of their main trump cards is story telling. The products they use are the products and advertisements posted on the homepage. Post their pictures and their stories on the homepage, and advertise these things. Their advertising goal is to increase brand awareness. The final result of their advertisements is their story telling process, which can bring a lot of philanthropists and their supporters to help them and help more people. Donations inspired by their posts can reach 2,800 euros. 19x increase in audience engagement.
Let's take a look at Teach for America, a non-profit educational institution that expands educational opportunities. He uses Facebook lead generation ads, as well as leads with Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences. Recruiting high-quality talent to teach in low-income communities in the United States tripled its online leads. This is its main success data. 50% of new online leads come from lead generation ads. Total online leads tripled. Mobile lead generation ads saw a 61% lower lead cost per conversion.
Its brand story is to focus on education equality, recruiting, training and calling on talents with leadership capabilities in the United States to join the movement for education equality and education quality. Members of teachers for America will spend at least two years teaching in low-influx communities across the United States, continuing to advocate for equal educational opportunity as leaders and teachers in their chosen fields. The goal of the brand is to inspire outstanding talents to engage in teaching. He needs to recruit outstanding university graduates and professionals to work in teaching schools in urban and rural schools in the United States where there is a shortage of teaching staff. Stacy Jeff, his managing director of social media, says that prospecting within the Facebook app has been a huge success for marketers. Not only did it help us exceed our goals, but it also provided a very user-friendly experience. What is the solution they use? The first is to motivate new teaching talent. In order to let more people know about their work and join the teaching team, target 20-25 year old Americans with lead generation ads. They also created custom audiences from their own mailing lists to reach this target demographic.
Lead generation ads were chosen for the recruiting campaign because they allow users to register more quickly on mobile. When users click on the lead generation ad, they share information on Facebook, such as name, phone number, email address, etc., which will be automatically filled in the contact form. Not only save time and effort, but also easily obtain more relevant information. The products they use are Ad Leads, Ad Conversion Tracking, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences. Their advertising goal is to enhance brand awareness, and the success of the brand is full of hope for the future. Mobile lead generation ads, combined with targeted audience positioning tools, can reach interested audiences more easily at a lower cost. Half of his online leads currently come from Facebook. The results of their campaign, which began in September 2015, also included 50 percent of new online leads coming from lead generation ads, 28 percent of all online leads coming from mobile lead generation ads, and online lead generation total tripled. At $12.83 CPA for mobile leads, mobile lead generation ads saw a 61% reduction in lead CPA.
We can take a look at the third achievement case again, which is to build brand awareness and tap potential customers. This company is called Topic Group, and it is also an online education company that shares graduate success stories with potential students around the world to increase the visibility of the institution. Brand story. topic a deck group cooperates with many universities and first-class educational institutions to help students in Southeast Asia to obtain a bachelor's degree online. The company empowers professionals to advance their knowledge and reach new heights in their careers through innovative e-learning indices such as 3D simulation software. The goal of the brand is to go global. In order to promote its online learning platform TOP One Card One group to global users, it hopes to cover 10 million users aged 22-45 in a cost-effective way for colleges and universities, tap 2 times the potential source of students, and achieve a 10% month-on-month increase in revenue aims to achieve an 8-fold return on advertising spending.
Facts have proved that Facebook is indeed an efficient marketing platform, which can effectively help brands become famous, enhance brand awareness, and gain potential voice sources. They offer sophisticated targeting options, and they allow us to easily reach and engage the right users, especially as we can easily manage potential vocal levels in a short amount of time. That’s according to Minc, co-founder of topic a deck group and senior director of corporate branding and marketing. The solution is to make students the highlight of the publicity. topic a deck group knows that successful graduates are the best advertisements for education companies, so they designed their marketing content to highlight how their topic Uni can help professionals learn mental skills and more. topic shares links to relevant articles posted on Facebook, and has long used audience analytics tools to gain insight into who it is sharing with. They use a combination of link ads, boosted posts, and carousel ads to directly promote articles to more users. The products they use are Page Post Ads, Carousel Ads, Lead Ads, News Feed on desktop, News Feed Conversion Tracking Custom Audiences on mobile.
The goal of similar audience advertising is to increase brand awareness, and another is to increase online sales. The brand's success is the student's own classroom clue advertisement, which allows users to easily share personal information on the mobile terminal, helping the topic a deck group maximize potential students. The company ran this marketing campaign throughout 2015 and the results exceeded expectations. Potential students increased by 30%, covering 12 million users aged 22-45, and revenue increased by 15% month-on-month. Spend up to 10x return on ad spend. 50% of all leads come from Facebook ads, so it works really well.

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