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Have you ever considered how certain individuals are able to win contests on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as online polls for lotteries and other competitions, by casting multiple votes on Strawpoll? These people amass a significant number of hashtags, likes, and retweets, all of which are crucial to their success. The secret to their achievements is the use of voting bots. However, it requires more than just employing a basic automated voting bot to attain their level of success. Therefore, let's delve into this complicated process right away.
How to vote several times with one device?
To begin with, let's be clear that we do not condone any dishonest or deceitful practices. Our aim is to disseminate information and knowledge. Manipulation of content has been a concern since the inception of online polls. In the past, individuals could cast multiple votes using the same device. As polls gained popularity, measures were implemented to limit votes from the same IP address. Strawpoll, an online polling system used to generate opinion polls, also employs duplicate IP address checking. However, expert voters have discovered ways to circumvent these barriers. As a result, we must remain cautious to ensure the validity of our discoveries and take appropriate measures to prevent fraud whenever feasible.
The specific procedures:
To guarantee that your online actions remain untraceable, start by altering your IP address. Secondly, erase your browser's cookies or switch to a different browser that employs a proxy. If you prefer, you can log in using a separate account for the poll. Finally, cast your vote and repeat the process to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your vote.
To ensure the voting results are accurate and valid while obtaining a high volume of votes within a short time frame, it is essential to use an automated voting robot. Nonetheless, there may be some limitations, such as managing a considerable amount of data, comprising the IP address pool and the number of accounts. Fortunately, there is good news as these challenges can be resolved by using a high-quality proxy pool. Our proxy pool comprises over 90 million and guarantees a vast number of online votes, making the voting results more reliable and valid. Therefore, we highly recommend using automated voting bots and a top-notch proxy pool to achieve success in voting.
Suitable proxies for online voting bot
The type of proxy utilized plays a significant role in the success of online voting. To ensure the validity and credibility of voting results, it is crucial to use a residential proxy. Residential proxies provide a genuine and unique IP address, preventing voting sites from suspecting fraudulent voting behavior. Hence, a residential proxy is the only option to guarantee the accuracy and credibility of voting results.
On the other hand, using other types of proxies, such as data center proxies or VPNs, may result in the detection of vote manipulation by websites, leading to the cancellation of votes or raising suspicion. Therefore, it is advisable to use these proxies with caution, particularly when multiple votes are required.
Public proxies are usually offline or unavailable, leading to the failure of voting bots and inaccurate voting results. Hence, it is recommended to use a residential proxy, which is the most reliable and secure type of voting proxy, ensuring the accuracy and credibility of voting results.
Combine online voting bots with residential proxies.
Automated voting bots are quickly replacing internet voting as a preferred substitute because they streamline the voting process and enable mass participation. These bots are capable of doing a wide range of tasks such as voting, changing IP addresses, visiting websites, signing into accounts, and even liking articles covertly. However, it's important to keep in mind that it takes multiple bots to generate thousands of votes.
With a bot and a network of proxies, you may easily rig online voting results to obtain thousands of votes. When a vote bot and a network of residential proxies work together, it becomes nearly impossible to stop them. Due to how easy it is to alter data online, the majority of countries avoid using online voting.
Facebook Online Voting.
Have you ever come across the message that reads "Share this post and follow us, the share with the most likes wins."? This kind of giveaway is prevalent on social media platforms. However, winners who consistently win such giveaways often use unfair means to manipulate the results. They achieve this by employing tactics such as running voting bots on their computers or using multiple automated social media accounts. They go undetected because they leverage a network of residential proxies, like the one we provide, to conceal and manage their digital footprint. This helps them appear to come from different locations and devices.
If you want to take part in such giveaways and increase your chances of winning like those who have won countless times, we have a fantastic solution for you. Our proxy network enables you to create multiple social media accounts and run voting bots to gain an advantage in the results. Furthermore, our residential proxy network offers a variety of proxy locations to ensure that your accounts appear to originate from different locations.
If you're participating in multiple voting contests and have several unused email addresses, setting up multiple Facebook accounts through a proxy network might be the most effective approach. This can help you increase your follower count, form groups, and receive more likes and shares on your Facebook posts. Additionally, if you're interested in participating in Facebook polls, using residential proxies with multiple accounts can allow you to submit multiple responses. These strategies can increase your chances of winning in voting contests and can be executed with simple methods. However, it's important to remain discreet and undetected when utilizing these techniques.
Additional Bonus.
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