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Personal Facebook accounts have no background. Of course, because of Facebook restrictions, we have to register and log in. Facebook needs to use the overseas residential IP set by the socks5 proxies from yilu proxy. The speed of the socks5 node is relatively fast, and the IP of the residential IP is fixed, which can ensure that our account will not be banned due to abnormal IP. Okay, let’s continue to explain go down:
We want to create a homepage in our personal account, what should we do? In the background, we can see an inverted triangle icon, click on it to see the "Create Homepage" option. We can open "Create Homepage" in a new tab. Here, you'll see two options. Facebook used to have a lot of options to choose from, six, but recently it's down to two. This could be due to a change in your IP address or something else. Facebook changes from time to time, so you may have 6 options when you see it. But we only need two options. If you are a merchant or brand, it is enough to use. Next, we can give our homepage a name and add categories. We choose a category at will, and then click Next.
Selecting a community is an option. Or you can choose a product or service. Let's change it. When choosing a name, the name is very important. I chose a random name for this homepage, but you can't choose it casually when you choose a name. You must be related to your own brand or product, because this is a public homepage, that is, a business homepage. When choosing a name, you must directly promote what you most want to promote, such as your brand or product. Therefore, you should directly choose a name that can directly promote you.
Here, I randomly named it to show you. At this time, the system will ask you to upload an avatar. What can you upload? You can upload your brand LOGO. That is, the LOGO of your brand or product. We randomly find a picture, such as this picture. You can also add some photos of your own brand or products. Of course, this thing is not fixed, you can change it later. We can just find a picture.
Now our home page background has been created. Here we can simply take a look at the functions and content of the background of the homepage. For example, there are 5 tabs here, which are tools for homepage management. Tabs are some information in the home page, used to display information to others. Here is a feature that invites your friends to join your page and like it. Here is your timeline, which is your news feed interface. Here is where you post. There are many options to choose from for posting such as photos, videos, events, check-ins, merchandise, tagged merchandise, milestones, advertisements, and more. You can also create events, offers, discounts, and more. Depending on the situation, you can use different templates to publish your post content.
Here, the system will provide some help information, which is a small tip for homepage management. It will make some suggestions according to the different situations of your homepage to help you adjust the homepage. Of course, you can also turn off this prompt. From here, you can share the Page to your personal timeline or someone else's timeline. You can share to your timeline, friends' timelines, groups, events, pages you manage, etc. You can also share it with others via private message. Here is the function of follow and like. If someone follows you, your message will be sent to their timeline. If someone likes you, they will also follow you. Here is the action button, which occupies a more prominent position in your homepage and attracts attention. Most of the homepage has a white background, while the action button has a blue background, which is more visually prominent. Its role is to allow visitors to visit your website, download apps, purchase products, etc. directly by clicking the action button.
On our homepage, there is a button that is used to call visitors to our homepage. This button helps us connect with customers who are interested in us. For example, appointment service and contact you, appointment service is more suitable for offline stores. For example, if you do business, our things are wholesale, or provide solutions for certain industries, such as whether you are in the electrical industry, we can provide you with solutions, or whether you are doing decoration, I can do it for you The whole house, after you contact me, I will give you a plan. Or do you want to buy some machinery and equipment, how can I match it for you, or other business forms, here you can learn more about which businesses, what important videos or materials you have, you can add it on the webpage and link it, Let others know about your business.
By watching videos or reading articles, people can make purchases or donate. At this time, we can attract people to visit our store and view the promotional information, which is what we use for e-commerce, and it is also used by our people who conduct e-commerce. Boost sales by getting people to browse your store and check out your store offers. This is for promotion and use in APP, such as downloading applications or playing small games. This is an action button, we can add a link here, for example, we can add a link to an external website, or jump to your homepage for shopping.
Our homepage doesn't currently have a store added, so we'll add one now. OK, let's add a "Shop" button as well. Let's click. OK, let's test the button. Okay, test it out and it will jump to where we want it to go. This is the action button for the home page. Let's take a look at the inbox. The inbox is where we communicate with our Page's fans on a daily basis. Here we see Message and Facebook reviews or reviews, these are reviews, ratings, etc. from our homepage. These will all be displayed here.
If you have linked an account in Instagram Proxy, you can manage it here. Well, in the inbox, we can quickly reply to all the comments, live chat and messages in Instagram. notify. Once it's put together, it's more efficient, okay, but it's kind of slow. This is our notification, where all the dynamic information of our homepage will be notified here. For example, all notifications like who liked you, who commented on you, who shared you, etc. There are also some dynamics, and some other people's requests for your homepage, etc., and you will be notified here. This is our performance analysis.
Our data analysis on the home page. In data analysis, it contains all the data in our home page, which is an overview. In the overview, what data options are available, such as the number of actions by the user. Simply put, how many people clicked where on your homepage? How many clicks? How deep is the access? The number of page views of the homepage, because how many people have viewed your homepage, and how many people have viewed it. The number of previews is actually what we call the exposure of AliExpress or Amazon. How many times has your homepage been exposed? After the exposure, how many people clicked in and turned into browsing. Home page hits, how many times has your home page been clicked? The information on your homepage, how many people are your posts reaching? How many times have you been recommended? How many times has your homepage been recommended? Posts on your homepage, how many interactions are there with your posts? The number of views of your videos, the growth of your Page's followers, etc. The second one below you is promotion. Your homepage has recently done some paid advertising dynamics and some dynamic data. Fans list one item separately, and this fan will give more dimensional analysis. There is also an event, that is, the recent event on your homepage, how many people participated, and how many people interacted. These will be counted in this event. The last is market research, which is the market research data of your homepage, including the age distribution, gender distribution, geographical distribution, etc. of your fans. These are options in the analytics of your homepage.
This fan will count the data of some of our fans. Let's take a look at the reach of this site. First open a few services and let them run. For example, this publishing tool, let's skip the place where we got stuck before. In the publishing tool, we can manage our posts and content. For example, the posts we have published can be managed here. What does "scheduled post" mean? We can create a post, and set a time, when to publish this post. For example, if we have some inspirations and ideas that we want to record, we can create drafts to save these ideas, and then post them at the right time. For example, we can make this post appear only for an hour or ten minutes, right? Time-limited posts are great for promotions.
Our video library is a collection of some videos created by ourselves. Cross-posting videos means that after establishing a cross-posting relationship with another homepage, the videos you post will appear on the other's homepage, and the videos posted by the other side will also appear on your homepage. This is a cross-posted video. There's also audio material, you guys can download some free or paid audio for your video or whatever, right? Branded content is when someone else tags your Page and requires your approval before it can be published. Some people may tag your homepage and post some information related to your brand or products, and some may be disparaging information. You should moderate other people's posts to see if they are good or bad. A post refers to some information you publish, and an advertisement library is a collection of your advertisements. Full screen ads are a special form of advertising. Transaction analysis refers to counting the number of your fans and the number of people covered.
Alright, let's look at the settings first. In the settings, we can adjust the visibility of the homepage and decide whether to publish our homepage. There is also a setting for guest posts, where we can decide whether to allow visitors to post, photos or videos on our homepage. We can also decide whether we will manage the content ourselves or let everyone develop freely. I suggest that you prohibit other users from posting on your page, only allow yourself to post. Shared audience and visibility also need to remain absolutely public.
Here is the message function, users can contact us by sending messages. Tag permission is to allow others to tag your homepage to create a frame, or set you as a location. Here are allowed countries and regions, where you can block some content or people. For example, if you only do European and American markets, you can block people in Southeast Asia and let only Europeans and Americans see your content. There are also age restrictions, which restrict people of a certain age group from seeing your content.
We can set up the review of the content of the homepage here, such as adding some bad words to filter posts or words that are offensive to your brand. You can also add some swear words or disparaging words about other brands here, and block their brand words. There is a profanity filter here, Facebook has its own profanity database. We only need to turn on this filter and select the medium level to filter out most of the curse words. In addition, we must choose recommendations similar to the homepage, which will help our homepage exposure.
Home page update means that when you have new information, it will automatically post. This can be a bit annoying. You can also choose to post in multiple languages, so you can post in other languages besides English. Your posts can also be automatically translated into foreign languages for easy reading by foreign language users. If you choose comment ranking, the most relevant comments will be ranked first by default. If you don't choose, the latest comments will be ranked first. Page content distribution refers to allowing others to download your content to the Facebook proxy. Downloading a homepage means downloading your homepage and saving a copy.
We can back up our homepage on a regular basis, say weekly or monthly. This helps us retain some content on our homepage, such as the number of fans, our content and previous advertising ideas, etc. Another advantage of backing up your homepage is that if your homepage is blocked, you can use the backed up data to restore it. If you have a good habit of backing up, even if your homepage is blocked, you will only lose the data of the last week, because your previous data has been backed up. We can also merge duplicate homepages here, or remove unwanted ones.
Here you can set the message options for the home page. For example, set the Enter key to be used when sending messages, or prompt visitors to send messages. If you're online or your Page responds to messages quickly, you can open a dialog directly for visitors to chat with you. You can also set automatic reply here, for example, when someone sends you a message, you can automatically reply a message. In addition, you can add personalized responses, such as using the user's first name, last name, full name or page address, etc. Here you can also preview your automatic and personalized replies to make sure they are correct. Here you can also set offline replies, that is, replies when you are not online.
Creating a welcome message means adding a piece of text at the bottom of your homepage that welcomes visitors to message you. When editing your homepage, you can choose a template for your homepage. There are many options here, for different industries. For example, the venue option is for offline brick-and-mortar businesses such as corporations; the movie option is for the film industry; and other options include the Red Cross, politics, personnel services, coffee shops, and restaurants, among others.
If our homepage is shopping, then of course we have to choose a shopping template. After choosing a shopping template, we can have our own store. In the Home tab, we can adjust their positions, and we can also make some settings, such as closing certain groups. But some fixed content cannot be closed, such as discounts. We can also turn off reviews. In short, some content can be closed, while some cannot be closed.
The store can also adjust its position, such as placing it at the front. Posting identity refers to whether the identity you use when posting information is your homepage identity or your personal homepage identity. You can freely choose how to receive notifications, and you can also filter out some unwanted information. In the message platform, you can make common settings, such as linking an app or URL to your homepage, or binding a message to a stand-alone station or app background. There are also some advanced features that need to be applied for. Also, there are some customer chat plugins. There are also some tools here that can be set up in your website to use the new features of message on the website.
This video management tool can provide simple video editing functions, such as making titles and endings by yourself, adding live textures, etc., to create videos. Here you can edit the video. Home page user identity means that in this tool, you can add administrator, editor, moderator and other roles to your home page. For example, the administrator is the highest authority and has all the authority of the homepage. Moderators have certain permissions, such as posting messages as a Page, replying to and deleting Page comments, creating ads, viewing admin posts, and more. Editors can do some writing work, and advertisers can create advertisements and view results. Analysts can only view analytics. Streamers can live stream from a mobile device as a Page, but they can't comment, create content, or view member analytics, they can only stream.
Home pages are created to serve different purposes. For example, you can use a homepage to manage teams. Home pages can be large or small. Why are these people assigned different permissions? Because your homepage is a very important asset, just like CCTV, where no one is allowed to say anything or do anything. They all have their positions, for example, announcers have announcers, photographers have photographers, isn't that true? They can only do what they are responsible for and can't take care of other things, otherwise it may cause chaos.
A home page can also be used to maintain your or your company's image. For example, if someone has a grudge against your company, he may delete your Page. This kind of thing has also happened in the industry. There are also connections between users and other Pages, and some users prefer other Pages. However, these home pages are not required or required to be used. This is a question of authorization.
This tool can provide advertising functions and is also a home page user identity management tool. It helps you manage branded content. When you want to use your brand to do something, you can license or manage it here. This tool also helps you tie your Instagram account to it. In addition, there is a selection function, where you can like or choose other people's content, etc.
A crosspost is a relationship where you crosspost with another Page. This means your video can be posted to their profile and their video can be posted to yours. Below is the help mailbox on the home page, which is used to receive system messages. The Activity Log records all activity on your Page, and you can download a copy to view the Activity Log.
Fan data has its own meaning behind it. For example, count the growth of fans, the activity of fans, the number of interactions with you and the interaction rate, etc. These data can help us analyze whether our fans are active, whether they are zombie fans, the coverage and number of our fans, and whether the recent development has increased, etc.
Here we collect a lot of data, including account information. Using this data, we can see which content is more popular and tailor content to this in the future. In addition, we can see how many people were reached by recent content, how much traffic it got, and the number of page views. We can also understand which countries, cities, age groups our fans come from and provide them with specific content based on this information. In addition, we can also analyze the exposure click rate through the number of previews and page views of the homepage.
Exposure CTR is a measure of the number of actions on your Page. On the homepage, we can use data to understand what fans do when they come to the homepage. In addition, we can also use the data of each post, such as the number of target audience coverage, the number of interactions, etc., to optimize and produce new content. We can also learn about campaign reach, engagement, responses, actions, and more. In addition, we can also analyze the number of views of the video, watch time, popular videos, etc. In addition, we can also analyze the effectiveness of the snapshot, the activity of message conversations, and the number of conversations. All of these help us better understand our main business, users and our own situation, and optimize and adjust to the actual situation. Next, I will introduce the store function to you.
Before setting up a store, we need to agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies. Then, we can choose to go to another website to checkout and set the currency to USD. Once the store is set up, we can start adding products. First, we need to add a few photos, then fill in the product name, price, and discounted price. Also, we can add product description and checkout URL. Finally, we can share the product to the home page and save it.
After submission, your item will undergo a brief review by a Facebook agent. Why does Facebook conduct audits? This is to ensure that the products you post do not contain violence, negativity, pornography or illegal content, nor are they fake or fake products. During review, you can use Collections to organize your products, such as by Featured Products, Best Sellers, Collections, or Product Categories. Once the review is complete, your store is open. After users enter your store, they can see your products, including titles and prices. They can click to jump to another website to buy the product.
In fact, you can also set up a US IP address for settlement on Facebook, but there are certain conditions. If you delete this store, you can create a new one. Or you can choose other ways to shop. Everyone needs to use the overseas residential IP set by the socks5 node to register and log in to the account. If the selected overseas residential IP uses a US residential IP, you can access Facebook through this server, using an IP address in the United States. This way, the US address you set up on Facebook can be billed directly on Facebook and transfer the payment to your papal account.
Shopping messages are a way for users to make purchases by sending you a message. This method is relatively simple, you can add the product name and some other information, such as taste, model, smell, size, width, etc., to the shopping message. In addition, you can also set inventory for items to better manage products. In conclusion, shopping messages are a convenient way for users to purchase products.
Someone directly sends you a message saying that they want to buy your product, you tell him to pay to your paper account, and then you will ship it to him. This is the main content of our homepage. When building a homepage, what should be paid attention to? Set up the relevant content, and then how do you build the store, right? Don't go outside and look for help. Some people will give you a Facebook flagship store, but there is a certain amount of gimmick to it. They'll set up your store for you and set up a separate backend site for you. It is recommended not to take this approach lightly.
Backstage operations can make our content operations more efficient and replace a lot of manual work. The key is to gather fans together, so that fans can be attracted through multi-account collocation and marketing. In addition, influencer marketing is also mentioned, including how to market with other influencers, and how to establish yourself as an influencer and market. It also mentioned social media platforms, such as Facebook, that promote themselves through content operations.
Images are automatically resized when uploaded. However, if the pictures you upload are square and square, then the system also has requirements. But even if the picture you upload does not meet the requirements of the system, the system can still use it. However, such a picture will be a bit worse in aesthetics.
Do you want to know how to jump and drive traffic on the website? Redirection refers to the process of automatically going to another page after clicking a certain link or button on a website. Traffic is the process of attracting traffic to your website or app. For example, you can use Facebook ads to promote your store, or attract visitors by posting content on a blog or other website.
If you want to add friends, you can try to use keyword search. For example, you can search for "USA" or "UK" and add those people based on your interests. You can also use the Graph Search tool, which helps you search for people based on location or other information.
Note that some people may have filled in the location information randomly, so you will need to check their profile carefully to see if they are actually from the UK.
Of course, you have to identify a lot of people here, they are all randomly filled in, and they are not necessarily Londoners. You have to look at their profiles to see if they are Londoners.
At the same time, remember to be careful when using this graph search tool. Do not give personal information or give anything of value to strangers.
You can try to use the search function to find relevant information. For example, if you are in the shoe business, you can search using the keyword "shoes". That way, you'll see a lot of people or homepages that sell shoes. These people may be your customers, whether they are large merchants or small merchants.
In addition, you can also search posts to find information related to shoes. You can also search using exact keywords, such as "shoe production". That way, you'll see a variety of shoe-related posts. There may also be dealers among them, you can search more to see if you can find the information you want. For example, you might see someone making cool shoes.
I have sent the link, it is a search add-on for google chrome. I want to know more about your products, what do you sell? It's a thermos? Or a water purifier? If it is a water purifier, then you can search online for posts or groups related to water purifiers. You can also search for competitors, or see which merchants are selling similar products. You can get some advice from the post.

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