Key Points of Precise Facebook Marketing

Thu Feb 16 2023admin
facebook marketing
What I want to share with you today is the concept and precision of Facebook’s system. First of all, because Facebook is a foreign social platform, due to restrictions, we must use socks5 nodes and overseas residential IPs to register and log in to Facebook. Overseas residential IPs can maintain our IP segment stably and will not be abnormal due to IP And being banned can also cultivate the weight of the account.
Some friends recently asked what should Facebook do? Why do we insist on posting every day without user inquiries, and even few new fans on the page. Our answer to this is because Facebook marketing is a systematic project. Posting content every day is only a part of the system. Without accurate customer analysis, suitable content and appropriate advertisements, simply relying on sending company products will not bring effective customer inquiries. .
If there is, it just happened by accident. Just like a car, if we only have one wheel, how can we expect the car to reach its destination quickly. Therefore, before understanding the Facebook system, we should first understand the conceptual characteristics of Facebook in order to better understand its rules and modes of operation. Due to space limitations, only the concept of Facebook is discussed here. Facebook's mission is to create a more open and connected world. Unlike closed-loop social tools, Facebook places a premium on openness, allowing users to learn about and connect with a wide range of friends and strangers. Facebook has also made a lot of innovations to improve the user experience, such as using a unique intelligent algorithm to sort information on the user's homepage, so that users can see the content they are interested in as much as possible. In foreign countries, Facebook users are very sticky and dependent on it. At present, there are more than 1.6 billion active users in the world, and overseas Facebook users use it for more than 2 hours a day. Another feature is that Facebook is very popular overseas. Whether it is a large company or a small and micro company, more than 90% have their own Facebook homepage.
Therefore, we can draw the following 2 conclusions:
1: If we want to promote our products to global users, especially overseas users, it is very important that our product information should be properly presented in front of relevant customers.
2: In order to find the right users and make them more interested in our content, we need to understand the concepts and practices of Facebook's precise advertising marketing. The concept of precision is that the higher the correlation between business information and users, the lower or no correlation of valuable information, it will become an advertisement that disgusts users. Most people don't like advertisements, usually not because of the content of the advertisement itself, but because the content of the advertisement is not relevant to us and the way the advertisement is pushed. How does Facebook ensure the relevance of the advertising content to the target users, and can benignly implant business advertisements in the user information circle, so as to ensure the precise delivery of business advertisements, so that users will not be disgusted when they see the advertisement information, but will find it valuable Woolen cloth? Facebook will ask users to fill in a lot of personal information when registering an account, such as name, gender, birthday, marital status, education background, place of origin and residence, hobbies, etc. At the same time, everyone will send a lot of content about themselves, or share their feelings. content of interest. All of these properties are recorded and categorized by Facebook.Facebook uses the group as a unit to match the customer group covered by the business with the users who meet the characteristics of the customer group, so as to achieve the accurate coverage of business advertisements on potential customers, and finally realize the value to the business by purchasing the products and services of the business by potential customers . Of course, the setting of this customer group is not done by Facebook. It is impossible for Facebook to know what kind of customers each merchant needs. Instead, merchants analyze the characteristics of customers based on their own experience, and set these characteristics on the advertising group. In order to ensure that the advertisement is targeted at potential customer groups. In addition, Facebook ads are mostly charged per thousand impressions, and the level of the charge depends mainly on the number of similar ads. Therefore, the narrower the same ad group is set, the lower the corresponding ad unit price will be. High advertising conversion and low cost are the core features of Facebook’s precision marketing.

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