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Hello everyone, I am very happy to share my Facebook experience with you here. Because Facebook is a social platform in the United States, restricted users must use a residential IP to register and log in to Facebook. The residential IP of Yilu proxy can maintain our IP segment stably, and will not be banned due to abnormal IP, and can also cultivate the authority of accounts.
As we all know, Facebook is a social platform in the United States, and it is also the social platform with the largest number of users in the world. The social platform that Chinese people find mysterious and very interesting.
It took Facebook less than 5 years to grow from 1 billion to 2 billion monthly active users. 2 billion means that Facebook has become the social application with the most logged-in users in the world, surpassing YouTube's 1.5 billion, WeChat's 889 million, Twitter's 328 million and Snapchat's 255 million.
How to let Facebook with 2 billion foreign followers help you do foreign trade business?
How to avoid peers in the competition of major platforms and websites and effectively drain traffic? How to use Facebook to find real quality customers? How to play Facebook to double your foreign trade orders. Let me share with you how to get started with Facebook account opening. If we want to play Facebook, what materials do we need to prepare in addition to the socks5 node and overseas residential IP?
In the first part, we must have scientific Internet tools and prepare scientific Internet software before we can log in to Facebook. We can open a personal account. A business account is called a business page, and in some places it is also called a fan professional. In addition, you need to register a business management platform business manager, BM for short. In addition, the Facebook Pixel Helper plugin must be installed in the Chrome browser.
The second part is an introduction to the business manager operation platform section, which includes ads manager advertising management tools power editor and Peso audience, which are used to create and manage different user groups, including three types: custom audience, look like audience, and call audience. How to set these three types? To choose an audience. The product catalog contains information about all the products you want to promote with Facebook ads, which is equivalent to a storage container for all product information. Combined with product catalog, dynamic ads and collection ads can be used. audience inside can provide information about the target audience, so that you can create more relevant advertising content for them. business setting, add assets such as page, add accounts, and assign different permissions to operators.
Thirdly, what do you need to start creating your ads? What are your business goals and why are you running your ads?
Who do you want to market your business to? Set a daily budget or a total budget for the ads?
There are certain professional requirements for advanced reading of photo or video advertisements used in advertisements.
Fourthly, How to avoid personal login email being blocked? Why is it pending review for a long time after the ad is uploaded?
My ads was disapproved with a status of disapproved. After the ads is published, the system prompts that there is too much text on the image, and the display of the ads may be limited. Why can't I boost a post on my Page? The problems I encountered when using the power editor, such as not being able to post ads, not being able to edit ads.
Notes on account opening of Facebook agency commercial advertising account 1 The promotion link provided must be owned or copyrighted by the advertiser company.
2 The promotional product must already be online.
3 If the existing account of the same advertiser is not used, no new account will be opened.
4. The submitted Chinese and English company addresses must be consistent with the address on the business license, and the English address must be filled in.
5. The fan page must be consistent with the content and product of the download link.
6. You can only open an account of a mainland company, except for special circumstances.
7 must provide a business license.The following situations are prohibited to open an account 1.Counterfeit products, imitation brand products and websites.
2. Illegal products or websites involving sex, violence, gambling, etc.
3. Dating products or websites.
4. Websites or blogs for pharmaceutical health care or promotion of this product. Hospitals for treating diseases.
5. Tobacco and alcohol products and websites.
6. Beauty and cosmetics products, websites or blogs.
7, glasses, bags, shoes, etc. are easy to imitate the products and websites of big brands.
8. Sell gold coins and similar products or websites.
9. Other illegal products or websites.

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