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This page show you general questions asked from Yilu Proxy users and answers listed as following, please read it, if still need help please contact our support online in Telegram.

1. Can I try it?Is there a refund policy?

We don’t offer refund, you can purchase the trial plan only at $19 as follow link:



2. Can the same account use multiple computers at the same time?
If you use it in local internal LAN, multiple employees can log in to the same Yilu proxy account.
If you want to share the account to others in external LAN, it will lead to your Yilu proxy account to be banned permanently.


3. Is YiLu socks5's proxy highly anonymity?

Yes,it is. And the whole process from the users to the server take advantage of the highly anonymity.

4. What specific business is Yilu proxy apply to?

Businesses that require various IP operations can use our products, such as social media platform ,e-commerce, affiliate program, exchange traffic program, carding business, ticketing, Ads agency, etc., We can enable the each thread smoothly use with multiple IPs, keep stability and quality.


5. How long does a proxy last?
Normally, it depends on ip type. shared static IP can last 24 hours, dedicated static ip is more than 30 days and more, rotating residential IP will last 5 - 30 minutes and keep rotating in a huge IP Pool.


6. Antivirus software will report Virus or Trojan? Will it affect my use?

It is 100% safe, just ignore it. Because the encryption operation in Yilu Proxy software has touches some operations intercepted by anti-software monitoring, so that will be detected as Trojan or Virus.

It is recommended that you can close the anti-virus software when using Yilu Proxy, or add Yilu Proxy to the Whitelist or Trustlist in the anti-virus software.


7. Why only US IPs? Are there any other countries?

There are 90M+ IPs from 200+ countries in the Rotating residential IP/dynamic sever IP as following screenshot:

90M+ rotating proxies


8. How to get the City Filter?

Select the function of the [City] after the [Country] in the [Rotating Residential IPs] as following screenshot, then click [Refresh], you will get the detailed city ip in the Proxy IP List.


9. Can I use Zip Filter?

Yes, Yilu proxy supports Zip Filter and City Filter.


10. How is the rotating IP cost in calculation?

It includes Traffic and Price.

A. The Traffic: It depends on 0.01G(10M) For per page request. if the page you browsing is large than 10M, it will calculate more traffic as the page capacity.

B. The Price: It depends on your recharge amount. different recharge amount will be at different price. for more can view pricing page.


11. Interface

yilu proxy interface

(1)Before you use Yilu proxy, you have to download our application on your computer and create an account.
(2)Operating systems: Please make sure your computer is working with Windows systems.
(3)Language versions: we support English and Chinese for your choice.

After signing in, you can choose the types of proxy that you pay for and connect to access the internet. The static IPs are from the US and UK, while the residential IPs are from 200+ countries all over the world, including the US, Russia, Japan, France, etc. And now we have also added the IPs that come from the UK.

12. Sorts of Proxy

Aside from static IPs, Yilu proxy also provides dynamic IPs that are more reliable.
(1). Shared Static IP: It refers to the static IP from the data center. If you purchase and use a static IP(e.g.321.789.654.123) in the Yilu Proxy app, the IP has no change. And if you buy a shared static IP, it may be used by several users simultaneously.
(2). Dedicated Static IP: It also refers to the static IP from the data center. However, the dedicated static IP belongs to the individual who pays for it. The dedicated static IP is superior to the shared static IP in terms of speed, security, anonymity, and reliability.
(3). Rotating Residential IP: It has no difference from the IP address of the home user. You can connect a rotating residential IP from a specific country or city. ‘Rotating’ means the IP address is temporarily allocated each time you surf the Internet. So the IP address is constantly shifting at regular intervals.

(4). Static Residential IP: It refers to the static IP from the residential IP address. It has an inferior quality compared to rotating residential IPs. And it supports lots of regions in USA.
(5). Rotating Server IP: It refers to the server IP from the data center. It has an inferior quality compared to rotating residential IPs and static IPs. And it only supports country targeting.
In terms of IP quality, there is a typical ranking for reference.
Shared Static IP<Rotating Server IP<Static Server IP<Rotating Residential IP<Static Residential IP.

Tips: When using static IPs, you have to run the Yilu proxy app throughout the whole course to ensure normal operation. But while using dynamic IPs, it’s available to shut the app after IP extraction from Proxy Server.


13. Configuration Manners
Yilu Proxy adopts the common configuration method of proxy IP and port forwarding. Port forwarding needs you to connect the proxy client and third-party program on the same computer or in the same local area network. Besides, there is another easy-to-use configuration method since it is available even if off the proxy client. You can also copy the proxy information(IP:Port:Username:Password) and configure it into third-party software, such as antidetect browsers, shadowrocket, and v2rayNG.
The Yilu Proxy also supports dynamic IP extraction from QR code with smartphones. Install and use third-party programs like Shadowrocket and v2rayNG with a scanning feature, the targeted proxy IP information can be employed within seconds.


14. API

API is available for Yilu Proxy.


15. Price and Payment

Please view this article: https://yilu.us/faq/how-to-recharge-your-account-and-select-right-ip-for-your-use

16. Customer Service.

Yilu Proxy has a dedicated customer service team with bilingual service. We have prepared the needed operation tutorials that are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Also, if you have any questions in the process of usage, you can contact us on Telegram:yilusk5 or yilusocks5. We will give you professional and prompt responses online.


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