Yilu Promotion For New Users

Tue Oct 11 2022admin
yilu proxy promotion
yilu proxy promotion

Considering Boost Reason is coming, Yilu.us Start to launch a favorable promotion for all new users as following details:

Our Promotion Keypoint:

  • Recharge $ 100 = 750 RMB (700 RMB + extra bonus 50 RMB)
  • Recharge $ 500 = 3800 RMB (3500 RMB + extra bonus 300 RMB)
  • Recharge $ 1000 = 7700 RMB (7000 RMB + extra bonus 700 RMB)
    Now Exchange Rate USD to RMB is 6.74.
  • At the same time, The price of IP will be cheaper if you recharge more as following screenshot:



How to Get Extra Bonus?

To get the extra bonus for each recharge, All new users need to send email to: [email protected] as following Format:
Title: Get Extra Bonus in Yilu.us.
A. Your Account(email) in Yilu.us:
B. Account Registration Date:
C. First Recharge Date:
D: First Recharge Mount:
E. USDT Transfer Screenshot or Hash:



1. The Extra Bonus can not automatically added into your account, it needs our cashier confirm and operate within 24 hours after getting your email request, please keep patient, if any help please contact Yilu Service in Telegram: A. yilusk5; B. yilusocks5.

2. The Extra Bonus is only available for new users, not available for other conditions.


How to register, download and recharge your account

Please View Following Article:



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