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Gmail is one of the most popular free email services in the world. Since its launch, it has 1.8 billion active users, ranking first in the world. Gmail is often used by cross-border sellers to register social media accounts such as YouTube and Facebook.
Gmail is an intuitive, efficient, and practical email application. It provides 15GB of storage space for free, has very little spam, and supports mobile access. One account can enjoy all Google services! For example, Google advertising accounts. Many cross-border sellers use Gmail to register Google advertising accounts in batches to spread risks. Even if a Google advertising account is blocked, there are still other Google accounts that can continue to advertise on the Google search engine.
Gmail's powerful label and filter function can filter spam, which is why many friends like Gmail, and Gmail can send and read emails in most languages, and the interface supports 38 languages.Gmail, Google's free webmail service, keeps important messages, files and pictures forever, and uses search to find anything you need quickly and easily, making this new way of viewing messages as part of a conversation even more logical.
How to register Gmail accounts?
1. In a web browser, go to the Google account registration page.
2. Enter your first and last name in the fields provided.
3. Create a username as your Gmail address in the format: abcd1234@gmail-com.
4. Enter the password and confirm.
5. Select Next.
6. Enter your phone number (optional), secondary email address (optional), birthday and gender (optional).
7. Select Next.
8. Read Google's Privacy and Terms, and select I Agree.
9. Your new Google account has been created and you can start using your Gmail address and other Google products.
Visit and log in at any time to access your personal information, privacy and account preferences.
To view and learn about all Google products, please navigate to the Google product page:
In the upper right corner of the Google screen, select the icon that looks like a keyboard. You'll see a popup menu of Google product icons.
2. Scroll down and select More info from Google to access additional products.
3. You will be taken to the "Google Products" page where you can learn about and access all Google products.
When will Gmail account blocks happen?
Google advertising accounts will also be blocked, including keyword stuffing, disguising real content, deceptive redirection, doorway pages, spam social networking sites, etc.
Google Ads prohibits the sale or promotion of counterfeit products. Counterfeit products generally use the same or highly similar trademarks or logos as other products. These products mimic the brand characteristics of genuine products in an attempt to convince people that they are genuine from the perspective of the brand owner. Once the counterfeit product advertisement is discovered by Google, the account will be banned immediately.
Publishing inappropriate content will also be banned. Google ads or landing pages that display horror content, or content that promotes hatred, bigotry, discrimination, or violence will definitely be banned.
False statements to mislead consumers and other behaviors are also prohibited by Google Ads, such as fake promotions, inflated original prices of products, permanent discounts throughout the site, and promotional activities that do not reduce fees as agreed upon when actually paying. Show purchases that don't exist at all, such as: "One second ago, user XXX bought two products!"
Of course, if Gmail is blocked, you can click Try to restore it, submit the email address that can be used normally, and fill in the reason for restoring the account. If you are lucky, it will be unblocked immediately. If the appeal is unsuccessful, you can appeal again after an interval of one or two months, and the probability of success will increase.
How to avoid Gmail account blocks?
First of all, you must have a US phone number. Now you need to bind a phone number to register Gmail, so you have to find a lot of US phone numbers to receive verification SMS. One US number can receive 5 verification SMS. Then there is the US IP, one IP corresponding to one Google mailbox registration, so as not to be associated. If you register a large number of emails under one IP, it is likely to lead to account bans. For safety reasons, you must switch IPs. Yilu proxy is recommended for you to provide numerous residential IPs for multiple accounts.
The last thing is to register the Gmail device, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone, it must be anti-association work. That is, it is best to register only one Gmail account on a device. If you want to register unlimited Gmail accounts, it is recommended to use a fingerprint browser to maintain the independence of the registration environment. The fingerprint browser can create unlimited registration environments, and parameters such as the operating system, font language, and browser cookies in the environment can be set. The environment after setting up is like a brand-new computer. It is easy to create unlimited Gmail accounts in such an independent environment. will not be associated.
The Lalicat fingerprint browser can also save thousands of browser configurations you have used. This is a very useful function because if the browser configuration is frequently switched, it will also cause account abnormalities. And it can support multiple people to log in at the same time, and friends who have team office needs can also use it!

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