Reasons why Google account is banned

Tue Feb 21 2023admin
google accountHow important is a Google account? I believe that many cross-border people and social media marketers will have a deep understanding. Google account can be said to be a passport for foreign Internet, and many foreign websites support the use of Google account to log in.Google account is very important for enterprises to enter the overseas market. However, once the Google account is not properly operated, it is easy to be blocked. So today, based on my practical experience, I will analyze with you how to appeal and get back the account if the Google account is blocked.Reasons why Google account is bannedBefore learning the steps to appeal for account unblocking, we must first understand the common reasons for Google account being blocked, so as to avoid our Google account being blocked again.1. Abusing IP login.If you log in to multiple Google accounts under the same IP address, the Google system will detect this behavior and judge it as a spam account. It is recommended to use a Yilu proxy IP address to ensure that each Google account can log in through a fixed IP address.For cross-border people with multiple Google accounts, you can use the Lalicat anti fingerprint browser to open multiple browsers to log in to multiple Google accounts. The cookie, canvas fingerprint, WebGL fingerprint, and other fingerprint information of each browser page are different, regardless of How many Google accounts you log in with the fingerprint browser is very safe, so you don't have to worry about the account association being banned.2. Promote counterfeit products.Google prohibits counterfeit product advertisements. A closer look at the policy reveals that it is illegal to refer to a brand name but use a knockoff and try to trick people by parodying the brand's characteristics. Do not imitate the brand identity of genuine products in an attempt to make people think they are genuine from the perspective of the brand owner. Do not use knockoff, replica, knockoff, or similar terms when referring to a brand name to describe the advertised product. If the account is blocked, the seller should check the website, product and advertisement content as soon as possible, and appeal after correction.Google hopes that the products sold through Shopping ads will not mislead consumers into buying products they don't really want, so don't misrepresent products.Therefore, the Google website introduces our company name and address information, which is consistent with the registered trademark. Also add a business license. Without a brand registration certificate, product quality must be guaranteed.3. Removal due to complaints:(1) If there are too many negative reviews, if there is a slight user complaint, it will be targeted by Google and lead to removal from the shelf.(2) Removal due to too many complaints.Suggested solution:(1) Respond positively and promptly to various user comments on the Google store, especially negative ones.(2) Set complaint, report, customer service, contact us and other portals in the app to reduce users' negative reviews or complaints in the store.(3) Get good reviews.4. Removal due to third-party payment:Countries such as India and Indonesia may not have too many people who use Google payment and need to access third-party payment, which may cause the product to be removed from the shelves due to third-party payment:Suggested solution:(1) Refactor payment-related codes;(2) Load the third-party payment in the form of webView.(3) Shield the location of the Google office.5. Removal caused by pornographic and violent images:There are exposed/violent/bloody images uploaded by users in the app, which violates Google's rules.Suggested solution:Review the pictures uploaded by users, and the pictures that pass the review can be displayed to other users.6. Warning of security vulnerabilities caused by Https:This generally does not lead to delisting, and will appear in the form of a warning. However, if multiple warnings are not changed, it will cause delisting:Suggested solution:When verifying that the SSL certificate callback is invalid, a dialog box pops up to let the user decide whether to continue to visit the webpage.7. The review caused by the Beta version was rejected:There may be some warnings when using it. The official version will change the warnings, but sometimes the Beta will be forgotten and not changed, which may cause rejection when carrying the bag. The reason for the rejection is just that you have warnings and have not dealt with them. It is not stated that it is caused by the Beta version, which makes it difficult for developers to think that it is caused by the Beta version. So when the warning appears again, you must think about updating the Beta version of the package, or directly download the Beta version.8. Using malware and pluginsGoogle does not allow malware and plug-ins that cause damage to or unauthorized access to computers, devices or networks, nor do they allow advertising pages that violate Google's anti-spam policy. So be wary of malware and plug-ins during use.

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