5 Ways to Earn Money On Instagram

Fri Feb 17 2023admin
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Hello everyone, today I will reveal to you the 5 ways to monetize Instagram. I hope it will be helpful to you who are preparing to do Instagram. First of all, you must prepare the socks5 node and overseas residential IP. If you want to connect to the external network, you must have an overseas residential IP. A stable IP is a must for protecting and cultivating accounts. Let’s get to the topic.
We want to tell you that these 5 ways to make money are summed up by people called Instagram in our community. Some of them are used by myself, so I will definitely tell you what I know.
First of all, the first way is to advertise. This way requires your account to have a certain fan base, at least 5,000 fans. In this way, if your content is attractive enough, merchants may contact you. The cooperation model is also very simple, that is, to help promote their products in your account, they will ask you to post photos to be embedded in their product advertisements, as long as you do well according to their requirements, they will give you money Remittance to you, this is an advertising cooperation.
The second way is to resell your Instagram account, either by making an Instagram account and selling it yourself, or buying an account at a low price and selling it at a high price. But it takes a lot of time to create an account by yourself, and it is generally not worth it. So more people are doing a business of buying and selling accounts. But it requires you to have a very keen estimate of the value of the account. Different types of accounts have different prices, such as travel, pets, life, etc.
The third way is to provide services to other people who do Instagram. There are many kinds of this service, such as helping to promote his Instagram account, or helping his Instagram account with content management, or helping to make pictures for a fee, some are charged on a monthly basis, and some are charged on a per-use basis. There is a friend in our community who specializes in Instagram promotion services. Each customer earns 2,000 US dollars. He has six or seven stable customers, so he earns close to 10,000 US dollars every month. So really is very high.
The fourth way is affiliate marketing. What does affiliate marketing mean? Summarize the commission in one sentence. For example, if we help other companies promote their products or services, we can deduct a 10% commission from the amount we sell. This is an analogy, we usually put the affiliate marketing link on the homepage of our account, so that users can click the link to jump directly to the purchase interface. If your Instagram account has 100,000 followers, and you help sell a $100 product, the conversion rate is 2%, and we can get 10% of the commission, and this account can bring in an income of $20,000.
The fifth way is to sell your own products on Instagram Agency. If we have our own products, this method is actually the most efficient. The most profitable way. A typical approach is to link Excel with your own online store. The online store can be a standalone Shopee website, or a platform-based e-commerce company, such as Amazon, so that the traffic between Instagram and our online store can be exchanged, and it can also bring very considerable benefits.

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