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If we can obtain the authentication of Instagram merchant account, it will be very beneficial to our business activities. I will teach you how to apply for this function. First, you need to meet some application criteria. So if you want to have this feature, you must have a standalone site. It's hard to use this feature if you don't have a standalone site. Shopify is a tool that can help you build your own site.
There is a fee to create a store, which is about $29. You can choose whatever you want. Now that we have selected one, we need to fill in the address. Let's choose the country first. I recommend that you choose the United States, because it will be easier for the Instagram store to do business. So we can first get an address in the United States and write down the street address in the United States. Let's get a phone number first and fill it in.
Here is the backend of Shopify. We can see what functions it has, order management, product management, customer management, data analysis, marketing discount management and so on. There are also some third-party functions in this APP. The next thing I want to introduce to you is the online store. This online store is actually our website, and we can use it to create our own e-commerce website. For example, we can customize the background of the website. Let's change a few pictures and upload some products.
Let's take a look at some of its specific functions? There are payment functions and payment settings, as well as settings for shipping templates and more. Among them, the shipping template is very important, because it determines how to collect money and how to ship. We can now create a standalone site as we saw before. After creating the standalone site, here we add a sales channel, such as an Instagram agency. Before we can add that, we also need to connect to Facebook. We're going to add Facebook as a sales channel. Well, sometimes it might ask us to do some other things. The first step is to connect to Facebook.
You need to have a Facebook account. If you already signed up for Instagram, you should also have a Facebook account. If you want a domain name, Instagram can provide a second-level domain name, and if you want a first-level domain name, you need to register it yourself. Here we need to bind a Facebook page. We choose a home page, well, the home page has been connected. Right now Facebook is reviewing our shop, if there are no issues then it's okay. Once approved, you can open your own store on Facebook. You can sync your products directly to Facebook.
When you connect with your Facebook Page, Instagram automatically connects with Facebook too. Because Instagram and Facebook are the same company. So when you upload a product on Facebook, it automatically syncs to Instagram. When you post in Instagram, if you already have the shopping feature, there will be an additional option when you post called "Tag Items". You can click Flag Items and then tag products in your Facebook shop. That way, when someone clicks on an item you've tagged, they'll be redirected to your Shopify website, where they can then make a payment on your Shopify website through Facebook. This way, you can attract potential customers through Instagram and then convert them into paying customers through Facebook Agency and Shopify's shopping features.
Instagram's tools are very attractive. why? Because you can see the traffic on Instagram. When others see your product, they only need to click on the picture to jump directly to your store, this will make your store get more visits and make your business more successful, even better than AliExpress and Amazon.
I want more people to see my posts, although I only have 200 followers, that we may promote our own website through paid promotion. Firstly, you can manually select your audience, such as what is their name, which region or country are they from, what are their hobbies? For example, are they interested in fashion, what is their gender? This is a relatively broad audience. Of course, the ads system is actually quite complicated, but it's much simpler when used on a mobile phone. When you promote your post to more people through mobile, it can actually bring you a lot of exposure and results, and also easily jump to your website. It can be very helpful for your business and it is not costly.

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