How to Make Money on Instagram

Wed Feb 15 2023admin
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Instagram allows users to send multiple pictures, or make a short 15-second video. Short videos can be accompanied by music and will be played in a loop. In fact, just like TikTok, after we make a 15-second short video, we can put it on our personal homepage.
So how to make money from Instagram?First of all, we need to use YiLu Proxy residential IP to register and log in to multiple Instagram accounts. Different accounts can send pictures and videos with different themes, such as clothing, nail art, high heels, etc.
Let's talk about a classic case of successfully making a fortune by renting clothes on INS. She's a very, very normal Australian girl, twenty-one, who looks like a college student you'd find anywhere. When we saw him on the street, we would never have guessed that she had already opened an online clothes store by relying on INS, and the turnover of the store could reach 35,000 Australian dollars per month.
In the beginning, she was a model by herself, wearing skirts, taking beautiful photos and uploading them, and found that the number of likes was very good, so she slowly put her energy into it, and called a few sisters who had a good relationship with her to get a loan together More than 80,000 Australian dollars. Several people work together to run an online shop for renting clothes. Their online store mainly relies on the INS account to carry out a drainage promotions.
She also set up a small community, put some beautiful skirt photos, and attracted users to rent their skirts. After the user rents the skirt, they will share the beautiful pictures in the community, which will attract the next batch of customers to come to the store to place orders, thus forming a very virtuous circle. She also built a separate website. The function of this website is very simple, that is, some simple categories can help customers find the skirts they want to rent. You can also filter by criteria such as brand, style, size, price, and formality. For example, whether the occasion is a birthday, party, bar, nightclub, wedding, or a more formal date.
Therefore, there are actually many opportunities to start a business on INS, and the profits are also very good. As long as you find the right direction and stick to it, you can make money by promoting products if you have a certain number of fans.

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