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Today I will tell you a few ways to sell things on Instagram. How to lead the traffic on Instagram to our standalone site.
First of all, let's open Instagram. We don't need to tie up our mobile phone to register Instagram, we can register directly with email. Just register with your email. If your mobile phone is not convenient at ordinary times, you need to prepare socks5 nodes and overseas residential IP for computers, and it is best not to change this residential IP for a long period of time, because a stable IP is a key to maintaining account weight necessary conditions, here I recommend using Yilu proxy.
If you want to do business and sell products on Instagram, it is very important to have beautiful photos, which everyone have to learn.
First, we teach you how to post on Instagram. We need to download some photos firstly. Let's introduce the interface of Instagram. There is a function called snapshot here, which can put videos or pictures. Here, you can also add text and advertisements, or add something funny. Every Instagram account has an i g t v, where you can post videos and set up features like stories highlights for your channel. Stories Featured can be classified according to the category of the products you sell, such as clothes, pants, shoes, etc. To sell well on Instagram, you need some pretty pictures.
Now let's demonstrate how to publish a post. Let's pick a photo at random, like this one. Here, you have two more options. For example, you can use Instagram widgets to optimize your photos. These tools make and share short clips and stitch Instagram photos together seamlessly. For example, you can do jigsaw puzzles, which consist of putting multiple pictures together. if you want to show multiple angles of a piece of clothing, you can combine these 3 pictures. But it is not recommended to put more than 4 pictures into a complete puzzle. We have now assembled a complete puzzle. We can continue to set some other options for this photo. Of course, you can also add multiple photos, but you need to scroll to see. There are filter options here, the first one is natural filter, which means no filter is used. Then, you can also choose other filters, which will bring different effects to your photos. In addition, you can add captions to photos here, which is best done at the beginning of the setup.
If you are selling something, you need to enter your URL first, such as or After entering the URL, you can start selling. But be ware of that you can't copy and paste URLs in Instagram on mobile, so you may need to enter them manually.
So, here, we need to enter a large domain name, such as AliExpress. Everyone has a second-level domain name, right? The shorter the second-level domain name, the better, so that everyone can easily remember and enter it directly, and jump to the corresponding website.In Instagram, you can lead customers to your store by searching keywords in your stories. For example, you can enter the code of the product, such as AG011, and let customers find your product through search. In addition, you can also use the tool to shorten long links. For example, you can visit, and then find a long product link, where you can customize this link. These are all one of the ways to post products in Instagram. Write a description of the item below, such as this is a black and white striped knit dress. Finally, on Instagram, it is very important to fill in the correct hashtags. We can add tags so our items can better match our target customer base.
Once tagged, our posts were able to get organic traffic. This means we categorize content into specific tags. For example, if we add a tag called Korean women's clothing, our posts will be classified into this tag. For another example, if we add another tag called dresses, our posts will be classified into this tag. If users browse the tags of Korean women's clothing, we have a chance to appear in front of their eyes. The timing of your post is also important. On Instagram Proxy, you can use any language including English, Japanese, Korean and even Traditional Chinese. You should choose your hashtags according to your target country and target market. For example, if you want to sell in Europe, you can use English labels; if you want to sell in the United States, you can use labels commonly used by Americans; if you want to sell in Japan, you can use Japanese labels; if you want to sell in Korea , you can use Korean tags. In addition, there are some English-language hashtags that are used globally, such as #dress.
We have now published this post. We can see that there is a by IT label here, and some other labels below it. If we click on one of the tabs, our posts will appear here. Here are the latest and most popular posts, and our posts will also appear here. When you don't have many followers, the hashtags you fill out will help you get some traffic.

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