How to use UR browser VPN in Yilu Proxy?

Thu Dec 08 2022admin

UR browser is a safe and fast web browser and supports Windows and MacOS. You can browse websites all over the world. But some websites have location limitation, so you need a proxy or vpn that can change your IP address. YiLu Proxy supports Socks5 and HTTP protocols and provides 90M+ dynamic residential IP addresses from 200+ countries.
The article shows how to use YiLu Proxy as VPN in UR browser on Windows PC.
UR browser download link:

Yilu proxy download:

1. YiLu Proxy settings
Firstly, set up YiLu Proxy settings as the following image:
Proxy port: random or custom, such as 1080
Bind address:
Proxy engine settings: YiLu Portable Proxy Engine
Proxy rules: select the second and fourth rules.
The second rule means that only applications in the “Program” tab use the proxy network.

setting for yilu proxy
setting for yilu proxy

2. Drag UR browser into the “Program” tab of YiLu Proxy client

drag ur browser
drag ur browser

3. Connect a proxy IP
A. Static IP
For YiLu Proxy sharing and dedicated static IP, right-click an IP and click “Connect” or directly double-click an IP.
Then you can see the connected proxy IP information on the top left.

static ip setting

B. Roating Residential IP
a. Select rotating residential IP or datacenter IP.
b. Select a country, state, and city.
c. Click “Refresh(HTTP/Socks)”.
d. Right-click an IP.
e. Click “Connect (not dns)”.

connect rotating residential ip
connect rotating residential ip

4. Run UR browser
Double-click urbrowser.exe in the “Program” tab to run.

run ur browser
run ur browser

5. Check the IP address.
Enter “” to check the IP address. You can see the IP is the one connected in YiLu Proxy.

check the ip address in ipinfo
check the ip address in ipinfo

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