Integrate Incogniton With Yilu Proxy

Thu Apr 13 2023admin

1. What is Incogniton?

Incogniton is an anti-detect browser for multi-account management. It allows users to anonymously manage multiple accounts in a structured way.

2. Download, install Incognitonand register an account

Incogniton official website:

Incogniton offers 10 free browser profiles for users.

Download and install official yilu client:

3. Integrate YiLuProxy

1)Single port configuration

Firstly, you need to set proxy port on YiLu Proxy [Settings], random or custom, here I set 1080, and bind address set

Proxy Engine Settings[Other Proxy Tools]

ProxyRules: Here have to choose the 2 and 4 one.

yilu proxy general setting

Following we need to connect a static IP by double click the IP address or right-click the IP, then click connect.

Then you can find connected proxy information on the top left of the YiLu Proxy client interface.

connect the ip
connect the ip

4. let us set the Incogniton profile.

1). Click [Profile Management] -> [New profile]

add new profile
add new profile

Here we have to enter the profile name and proxy information as below:

A. Connection Type: Socks5 Proxy

B. Proxy (IP:Port):

C. Click [Check proxy] to check the proxy connection status

D. click [Create profile] to save the browser profile.

You can modify other browser fingerprinting information according to your demand, such as operating system, browser version, time zone, Geo and others.

profiles details
profiles details

2). Multi-port configuration

A. Set [Port Forward] on [Settings], here I set 5500-5510.

B. Assign multiple IP addresses to different ports in [Port Forward]

C. We can find IP and forward ports in [Port Forward List].

D. Create multiple browser profiles in Incogniton, and connect different proxy ports as the following images:

3). Rotating residential and datacenter IPs configuration

A. Select country, state, and city (datacenter IPs only contain country), then click [Refresh], select an IP, right-click the IP, and click [Connect(not dns)], then you can see the proxy information on the top-left.


Copy the connected IP, port, username, password information.

C. Create a new profile in Incogniton, pasted into the proxy information:

Connection Type: Socks5 Proxy

Proxy: (IP:Port): the IP and port you copied in YiLuproxy

Proxy username: the username you copied in YiLuproxy

Proxy password: the password you copied in YiLuproxy

D. Click [Check proxy] to check the proxy connection status

E. Click [Create profile] to save the browser profile.

paste the proxy info
paste the proxy info

4). Run browser profile: Just click [start] to run the profiles.


Video about Incogniton Browser integrate with Yilu Proxy:

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