How to set proxy switcher and manager with YiLu Proxy

Fri Apr 14 2023admin
Proxy Switcher and Manager as one of the best proxy switcher extensions, like BP proxy Switcher, Proxy SwitchyOmega, FoxyProxy, Proxy Helper, which can help you switch proxies easily on your browser.
proxy switcher

1. Download and Install Proxy Switcher and Manager extension.

Here I use Google Chrome browser as an example, and the operations for Firefox and Edge browsers are the same as following screenshot:
proxy switcher chrome extension

2. Proxy Switcher and Manager settings.

A. Local port forwarding.
For all YiLu Proxy IPs, you can right-click an IP and select a forward port.
proxy switcher ip port forward in yilu
a. Click the extension icon;
b. Select “Manual Proxy”;
c. Enter a proxy profile name;
d. Enter IP address and a forward port 5500;
e. Select Socks5 or HTTP protocol;
f. Click the “√” icon to save.
proxy switcher manual proxy
B. Extract IP information.
For YiLu Proxy dynamic IPs and mobile IPs, you can directly extract IP information (including IP, port, username, and password). In this way, you can use proxies without running YiLu Proxy client after extracting IP information.
a. Select proxy IP type: rotating residential IP, rotating datacenter IP, mobile IP or pro residential IP;
b. Select a location;
c. Refresh;
d. Copy an IP and port;
proxy switcher extract ip information in yilu
e. Paste IP and port in the proxy switcher extension;
f. Select HTTP protocol;
g. Click the “√” icon to save.
proxy switcher paste ip information into manual proxy

3. Select a proxy to use.

a. Click the drop-down icon;
b. Select a proxy;
c. Click “√”.
proxy switcher select proxy to use
Then enter “” to check the IP address.
If use the proxy that extracts dynamic IP or mobile IP information, you need to enter username and password to verify.
proxy switcher rotating residential ip username and password
The location of IP address is the consistent with the one selected in the YiLuProxy client.
proxy switcher check ip address

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