How to use Somiibo with YiLu Proxy

Wed Apr 12 2023admin
somiibo bot
Somiibo is a social media automation bot that can help you automatically like, follow, and view posts or videos on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and other platforms.
Here is a tutorial about how to use Somiibo with YiLu Proxy.
1. Enter Somiibo Settings.
Click the three-point icon on the top right, then click "Settings".
Somiibo setting
2. Add a Session.
Select "Sessions", then click "+" to add a new session.
Somiibo add sessions
3. Enter Session Name.
Fill in a session name, and select a color for this session.
Somiibo enter session details
4. Set up a Proxy.
On the Advanced options:
Somiibo supports protocols://ip: port or http://username:password@IP:port two formats to connect proxy.
Somiibo enter proxy details
A: protocol://ip:port
For all YiLu Proxy IPs, you can right-click an IP and select a forward port.
Somiibo yilu proxy forward port
a. For static IP (all IPs in the sharing static hosting IP, dedicated static hosting IP, and dedicated static datacenter IP tabs ) port forwarding, use Socks5 protocol: socks5://
b. For dynamic IP or mobile IP (all IPs in the residential IPs and pro mobile IP tabs) port forwarding, use HTTP protocol:
Enter proxy, (set a user-agent, user script, extension, optional) and click "Save Session".
Somiibo save session
B: http://username:password@IP:port (YiLu Proxy dynamic IPs and mobile IPs)
For YiLu Proxy dynamic rotating residential IPs, rotating datacenter IPs, 4G/5G mobile IPs and pro residential IPs, you can use this format http://username:password@IP:port. After extracting YiLu Proxy IP information, you can use this proxy network without running YiLuProxy client.
a. Select a proxy IP type.
b. Select the IP information format Username:Password@IP:Port.
c. Set the number of generating IPs.
d. Select a country, state, and city.
e. Click "Refresh" button.
f. Right-click an IP.
g. Click "Copy IP and List".
Somiibo copy yilu ip port
Then enter the http:// and paste IP information, and save the session.
Somiibo paste ip port information
5. Use a session with a proxy.
Add a new tab and select a session to use.
use a session
6. Check the IP address.
Enter "" to check the IP address. Different sessions use different proxy settings, and these IP addresses are consistent with YiLu Proxy IPs.
Somiibo check ip address 1
Somiibo check ip address 2
For more details, please view a step-by-step video tutorial as follow:

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