Yilu proxy integrate with VMLogin browser

Wed Jul 27 2022admin

As one of top 3 antidetect browser in emulating Windows system, VMLogin has fixed hundreds of functions from 3 years ago, and get high reviews from PC users in various areas.

Today YiLu Proxy editor will teach you how to integrate VMLogin browser with YiLu easily as following steps.

1. Download YiLu Proxy and register an account from its official site: https://yilu.us

create account in yilu proxy software

2. Recharge your account at $100 (offer extra $10 bonus), $500(offer $75 bonus), or $1000. You can select CrypoCurrency USDT TRC payment. just copy the USDT Address and pay for it. Different Charge amounts will get the different prices, the more, the cheaper as following screenshot.

Alipay is also available for Chinese RMB recharge.

USDT trc20 payment in yilu proxy

3. select the 24 hours static IP30 days stable static IPs, or rotating residential IPs, which you want to connect with VMlogin Browser.

yilu proxy list on static and residential ip

4. A.Get right Setting in YiLu [Settings] Part.

proxy setting details in yilu proxy

B. Drag VMLogin Browser into YiLu Proxy.

drag vmlogin in yilu proxy

5. Select IP and Forwards Port to 5500 for Using VMLogin Browser.

static proxies port forward

6. Download VMLogin Browser, add the profile, set YiLu Proxy, get random profile, save it as follow:

vmlogin setting with yilu proxy

7. Keep IP address127.0.0.1 and Port 5500 in the VMLogin are the sames as Port 5500 and Local Proxy in the YiLu Proxy.

port and ip address check

8Test the Proxy as following screenshot, and confirm it.

proxy check on ip address

9. Open and Run VMLogin Browser and get Browser IP is located in USA.

ip address check

For more detailed setting steps please view our Youtube Video as follow:

get free trial

download yilu proxy