YiLu proxy used with Lalicat Browser.

Thu Jul 14 2022admin
  • Please go to Lalicat browser homepage and download it https://www.lalicat.com 
  • YiLu Proxy software is a compressed package. First, the software must be decompressed first, otherwise it cannot be used normally.

Download Yilu proxy from the official homepage: https://yilu.us

The configuration steps are the same as that of the 911 proxy: Connect Yilu proxy and the Lalicat browser through multi-port forwarding.

If you want to run 50 Lalicat browser profiles for 50 accounts at the same time, please configure 50 IPs for 50 ports in Yilu Proxy.

1. Basic settings of Yilu Proxy

A. Just drag a software program from the computer desktop, such as the chrome browser, remember not to drag the Lalicat browser as a program, otherwise, it will cause a connection problem.

local chrome google browser
drag in browser

B. Configuration in [Settings].

Select [Other Agent Tools];
Select [] as [Bind address];
Finally, remember to click [save].

setting for chrome browser in yilu

2. YiLu proxy configuration: forward IPs to a port 5501 and others.

port forward 5508

3. Download, Configurate and run in Lalicat Antidetect Browser

A. Download Lalicat Browser: https://www.lalicat.com/download

B. Lalicat browser setting: add browser profile -> profile name -> User-Agent ->Proxy settings, including Proxy Type: Socks5, IP Address, and Port: 5501.

yilu proxy setting in lalicat

C. Check the YiLu Proxy, and Run Lalicat Browser. showed that the port 5501 and IP address is the same as YiLu Proxy interface.

IP chech in lalicat and yilu proxy

D. Run Lalicat Browser, we find the IP is located in USA.

usa ip check

4. Forwarding more ports for multiple accounts: configure as many ports as you want from 5500-5510 or more.

port arrange setting in yilu
port arrange check in ip list


Conclusion: It is easy to integrate Lalicat browser with YiLu Proxy, just follow the above steps as others for used users.

For More detailed setting steps can also view our Youtube Video as follow:


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