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Residential IP acts as an intermediary and utilizes the IP addresses distributed by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Compared with data center IP, residential IP is deemed an actual home IP and can be used in many scenes. Therefore, When you use the residential IP to access the Internet, you show the residential proxy IP and not your real IP, it is more secure to access the network using a residential proxy.

Types of Residential IP

Static Residential IP

You can purchase a static residential IP that is residential IP from an ISP that has been distributed for commercial use. Static residential IP is a permanent IP from the geographical position that you like and they do not rotate.

With a static residential IP proxy, you will gain the IP assigned by the ISP which ensures better security and stability. Because the static residential IP  does not depend on any end instrument and is not restricted to the end user usage time. In addition, the best option for multi-account management in social media and e-commerce is that choose Static residential IP.

Dynamic residential IP

Just as its name implies that a dynamic IP address is one that changes now and then and is not always the same. Usually, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) support users with dynamic IP addresses because of more effective.

The advantages of dynamic residential IP proxies are large IP availability, high concurrency, and a large number of IP pools. What’s more, the best option for data collection as well as buying tickets from ticketing sites is that choose dynamic residential IP.

Application Scene of Residential IP

There are some typical examples of it.


A residential IP is a private IP address that allows you to browse the network from a specific national city geographic location as a real user and avoid geographical restrictions of the area. It means that a real residential IP address is easier to succeed and not to be blocked when you request access.

In the big data business, they need a large number of IPs. if it is a room IP, it is easier to determine the target location and easy to be restricted. On the contrary, if it is a residential IP, simulating the universal Internet user collect data and the restriction will be decreased, the collection will be even more effective.

More importantly, most websites believe the residential IP addresses will not be strictly inspected like other types of IP. When you use a residential IP to access the Internet, you can display your geographic location information by taking it easy. 


Residential IP covers over 195 regions and most cities. Using the proxy endpoint that is easily accessible to the local network data, conduct market research, verify the localization site, or explore your competitors.

At the same time, the number of residential proxies is not limited for you, with residential IP, you can access the complete proxy pool with unlimited concurrency random and unlimited requests, and put your grab tool in the maximum position.

As we all know, e-commerce groups and game studios need to use high-quality and fast-speed IP. This is why the user chooses a residential IP to be used for long-range service in e-commerce businesses.

Marketing management

Compared with datacenter IP, residential IP looks definitely like true personal devices and they do not share any subnets. Therefore, Residential IP is not only for brand protection but also for collecting the latest data and advertising verification.

Of course, Using residential IP to obtain a large number of data and information and spend a lot of time and money to build a brand, and avoid fake and shoddy brands from damaging your brand image and intellectual property rights.

Taking advantage of stable and reliable residential IP, the latest market data can be acquired quickly. In this way, can enterprises lay a solid foundation on make market forecasts and business decisions, identifying that the ads are better displayed in the vision of their audience? 


With real-world household bandwidth residential IP, you can keep anonymous and grab indefinitely the most precise public data on many platforms. Furthermore, by conducting data analysis, constantly mining data, and collecting business information, and competing product information, you are not obstructed or misinformation caused by the IP.

You can use the search engine result data, which helps you to check Google indexes, and support track of your rankings or local lists. At the same time, this can help you to track your SEO work and offer you get more data about competitive SEO practices and strategies.   Although most search engines may hinder company IP or datacenter IP addresses to avoid discovering, residential IP can help to overcome this hurdle.

YiLu proxy is one of the fastest residential proxy supporters, providing true and active residential IP for use in competitive intelligence activities and all market research. By utilizing dynamic P2P networks that include millions of IP and optimized IP pools around the world, residential IP track, and monitor SEO data for you at higher speeds and lower rates.

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