Shared And Dedicated Static IP

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Static IP is also called native IP, and the datacenter IP is the same. It will be no change. For example, if you buy and use an IP(e.g.123.456.789.123) in the Yilu Proxy software, the IP will not change.

The difference between shared static IP and dedicated one.
Shared static IP is available to all people at the same time, and there may be many people using the same IP together. The fee is $0.1 per IP daily. You can enjoy 24 hours online, unlimited traffic, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited requests once paid.
Dedicated static IP is used by one person at a given time, not sharing with the others. The fee is $30 per IP monthly. You can enjoy 30 days long proxy online, unlimited traffic, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited requests once paid.
In general, the dedicated static IP is better than the shared one in terms of overall quality.
Attention: when using static IP, you must run the Yilu proxy software all the time. While you can turn off the Yilu proxy after finish refreshing when you use dynamic IP.

Using method of shared/dedicated static IP:
Click the shared/dedicated static IP on the Yilu proxy page, and choose an IP channel on the shared/dedicated static IP list--click the right mouse button--connect, then you can use it. If you want to check whether its configuration is successful, please make sure there is related IP information(local proxy and proxy info) on the upper left corner of the page and the dot is green at the same time. If everything is okay, you can use this proxy IP.

How to use shared and dedicated static IP in Yilu proxy

You can also use port forwarding to configure to different computers, phones, emulators and fingerprint browsers.
If you want to refresh the IPs on the page, you can click the ‘previous page’ ‘next page’. Also, you can click ‘stop proxy server’ ,the green/yellow/red dot behind local proxy to switch off the channel.

Refresh Shared Static IP

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