Strategies About How to Get Around an IP Ban

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Being subjected to an IP block can be very annoying if you use the internet for personal surfing or to gather data for your business. Fortunately, there are a number of efficient strategies you may employ to prevent getting blocked from websites. Whatever kind of business you run, this article will explain IP bans and offer helpful advice to help you avoid them. You may secure your online activity and have a more enjoyable browsing experience by taking the appropriate steps. To discover how to successfully navigate IP bans, let's explore the subject together.

What is an IP ban? How long does it last?

There are several ways for websites to detect and recognize your IP address, including looking through server logs, cookies, and web analytic tools. Once your IP address has been identified, the website host may put it on a blacklist to prevent further access. Your IP address can be manually added to the blacklist by the server administrator, or else the system may automatically start the blocking mechanism if an IP address repeatedly provides false login information within a given time frame. The purpose of these safeguards is to guarantee that the website is safe from any kind of unwanted access. Access to the website will be difficult if your IP address is added to the blacklist.
The platform determines how long an IP block lasts. A moderator may occasionally ban you for a short while—a few minutes or a few hours. Sometimes you won't be allowed access for weeks or even months. In the worst-case scenario, you might receive a lifetime ban.

Why does my IP Get Banned?

1. Frequent requests.
A prevalent obstacle encountered when conducting web data collection is the occurrence of IP blocking or "rate limiting" by the targeted website. The rate at which various websites impede requested IP addresses differs, whereby any IP address that makes over 50 requests per minute is regarded as an anomaly and consequently barred. The act of inundating a website with excessive requests can place undue strain on its resources and consequently have a detrimental effect on its overall performance. Thus, it is of utmost importance to exercise caution when conducting data scraping, steer clear of IP address bans, and conduct activities in a manner that respects the resources of the targeted website.
2. Malicious behaviors that break rules.
The act of engaging in commercial spam, which involves the unsolicited transmission of promotional content or messages in large quantities, absent the requisite authorization from the platform, is an ill-advised practice. In instances where a user contravenes such stipulations, the platform may take severe actions, such as banning their IP address. In addition, an IP address could be placed on a blacklist if it is associated with malevolent conduct, such as disseminating illegal materials or publishing hate speech. Moreover, posting links that direct viewers to different domains on message boards, social networking sites, or other platforms is not permitted.
3. Access blocked website.
An individual may experience IP blocking if they attempt to access a website from a prohibited location or with an unapproved device type. This basically means that someone who is located in Russia and tries to access an American e-commerce platform or someone who uses a desktop or home device to try to access an app that is only designed for mobile users won't be able to access the website or app.

How to Get Around an IP Ban?

1. Deleting the app or browser and reinstalling it is one of the simplest solutions you may use.
2. Typically, in order to ensure that no leftover files of the blocking program are there when you attempt to access a platform or application that has been blocked, you must first erase the files connected to that program.
3. A Media Access Control (MAC) address functions as an exclusive identifier designated to a network interface controller, serving as a means of facilitating communication within a networked environment. Numerous platforms may not only restrict access based on Internet Protocol (IP) addresses but also bar access based on MAC addresses, underscoring the significance of verifying that one's MAC address is not impeding their proper functionality within a given network.
4. Change IPs with VPN.
A virtual private network (VPN) is a highly effective tool for circumventing IP bans. With the use of a VPN, you can obfuscate your actual IP address and be allocated a new one, thereby creating the illusion that you are accessing the website from a different geographical location. This stratagem can be instrumental in evading IP bans and gaining entry to the website. To ensure that your privacy and security are upheld, it is advisable to adhere to the following guidelines when selecting an appropriate VPN:
Firstly, it is essential to opt for a VPN provider that has a credible reputation to guarantee that your sensitive data and privacy are not compromised.
Secondly, it is prudent to choose a VPN that has an extensive array of servers positioned in diverse regions. This will enable you to opt for a different server location to connect to, circumventing any probable IP bans.
Moreover, it is crucial to assess the VPN's speed and bandwidth limitations to ensure that you can seamlessly access websites without experiencing any impeding lags.
Lastly, it is critical to verify that the VPN incorporates formidable encryption protocols to safeguard your data. Encryption is highly pivotal in safeguarding your data from malevolent hackers and spies.

5. Use the proxy.

The aforementioned strategies can prove highly efficacious in instances of straightforward IP bans, particularly for individuals seeking to access specific websites. Nevertheless, if you are an enterprise engaged in extensive data collection, it is imperative to contemplate the acquisition of professional proxy services.
Numerous target sites employ intricate architectures or leverage human behavior detection techniques to thwart high-volume crawling. In such scenarios, purchasing proxies constitutes an eminently effective approach to surmounting CAPTCHAS and circumventing website blocks. In addition to furnishing users with a surfeit of IP addresses, these services proffer bespoke and highly anonymized proxy plans. Opting for the services of a reputable proxy provider can enable companies to streamline their large-scale data acquisition endeavors while circumventing the obstacles posed by website blocking, throttling, or anti-crawler technology.


Although an IP ban may pose an inconvenience to your activities, there are viable remedies you can employ to evade it. This article will present diverse strategies and solutions that can aid you in surmounting IP bans and preserving the continuity of your business.We fully comprehend the adverse ramifications that IP bans can have on your business operations, and we are dedicated to furnishing you with pragmatic and valuable insights to help you forestall future IP bans.

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