How to avoid Captchas with Captcha proxy

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Before we introduce the Captcha proxy, we have to figure out what is Captcha and why we need it.

Captcha Proxy

What is Captcha?
CAPTCHA is the full name of ‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’. So its purpose is to recognize if a site visitor is a human or a computer program. Captchas (also known as CAPTCHAs or reCAPTCHAs) are online tests that are fast and simple to solve for humans but very complex for computer programs or ‘bots’.
The object of Captchas is clear and direct: they help websites prevent spam. Having a Captcha on a webpage protects spam programs from malicious behaviors, such as information theft, and making bothering reviews.

Types of Captchas:
When mentioning Captchas, most people only think of the “I’m not a robot” checkbox. However, Captcha has a variety of types with different features. Maybe you’ve come across some or all of them while surfing the internet. I will discuss some common types:
A. Text Captcha: Visitors are required to type a series of distorted letters in the correct order.
B. Math Captcha: Visitors need to make out a simple math question, as simple as 5+5. But bots can’t easily comprehend the question or figure out the problem.
Image Captcha: As the most popular Captcha on the internet, image Captcha will show pictures and require the visitor to click the boxes where a kind of item is included, like a fire hydrant or a bridge. Bots fail the test since they can’t pick out the requested items.
C. Time-Based Captcha: A time-based Captcha checks bots by tracking how fast a visitor writes a form. Bots generally paste their information in and submit instantly, while human users invest time entering.
Social Media Logins: Users are required to sign in with their authentic social media accounts, which is strict and not popular because many people hesitate to hand out their information.
D. Invisible Captchas: Some Captchas are out of sight to human users, and ‘honeypots’ are included. Because such Captchas are concealed in the page’s code, bots scraping a site will interact with them and then report themselves as a bot and get rejected.

Why do you need to avoid Captchas?
Captchas are helpful for website owners, but they are a hassle for people who need to carry out legitimate, automated research.
A. CAPTCHAs impact the user experience
Imagine you have just found out about a new item on the e-commerce site, and you’re desperate to get it as soon as possible. As you are on the way to check out, you meet a CAPTCHA. Worse yet, you fail the test several times. In this case, would you still have the patience to finish the purchase?
Such an experience can bring much frustration to users, subsequently, affecting user involvement and conversions. So it is crucial for more user engagement to avoid Captchas.
B. CAPTCHAs waste time
Users waste much time in hesitation on how to make the decision in terms of Captchas. For example, if there’s a requirement to “click all squares that have a traffic light” and the tip of a piece is on a few pixels on one square, should it be picked or not?
When a human user runs into a CAPTCHA test, it will take him seconds or minutes to view and respond. While a bot can get around the test and proceed almost directly to purchase in milliseconds. The bot purchases several PS5s and the human receives an “out of stock” note by the time he goes through the test.
C. CAPTCHAs reduce conversion rates
As we mentioned above, it is not surprising that bothering experiences and more time required to finish test results in a lower conversion rate with CAPTCHA. More importantly, CAPTCHAs won’t just stop you from bringing more potential clients or selling more items at that moment. Due to annoying experiences, some loyal customers are more likely to stop supporting your brand in the future, too. As a result, to avoid Captchas is a effective way to improve conversion rate.

How to avoid Captchas?
A. Use rotating Captcha proxy
Using a rotating Captcha proxy is the primary method to avoid or avoid Captchas. Captchas can find out bots by recording how many visits the site receives from the same IP address in a short period of time. If you use a rotating Captcha proxy that regularly changes a different proxy address, the Captcha can’t pin visits to one IP address. And rotating proxies from Yilu proxy provides residential IPs, which is less likely to trigger Captcha. While scraping sites, rotating residential proxies can make the website believe that your bot is a group of human users to avoid Captchas.
B. Check honeypots
It is essential for you to make sure the CSS attributes of all elements you expect to interact with. Be sure to turn on the visibility and set the display to appear to avoid Captchas.
C. Avoid direct links
If a large number of direct link requests are coming in, a website will turn to be defensive, and Captcha appeared. In that case, we recommend you visit other pages with the link you plan to visit on them or utilize the referrer header to cheat websites into considering you were referred instead of initiating direct link requests to avoid Captchas.

With the Captcha proxy, you are able to use bots without worries. You can collect data with a web scraper, crawler, and spider. And you can also complete multiple tasks with a purchase bot or bulk account creation bot. Whether you want to perform certain tasks within a limited time frame or buy limited-edition sneakers, tickets, and other high-on-demand items, a Captcha proxy will be beneficial for you.

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