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This article will share with you an optimization technique about Amazon advertising, which is a peak season advertising strategy that can make our Amazon display promotion ads more accurate. This will allow us to expand our exposure in the next peak season of Q4, and then acquire customers more accurately and at a low cost. Before we talk about this promotional display advertisement, you must first understand Amazon's DSP advertisement. Amazon's DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to buy display ads, video ads, and these audio ads on and off Amazon in an urbanized way. One of the things we believe is most valuable about DSP advertising is the ability to reach exclusive audiences, and reach new customers on and off Amazon, as well as existing customers, with a single view across devices and formats to improve relevancy. Then this point is the official words quoted.
To put it simply, we can obtain the following two benefits by using DSP advertising. The first point is accurate shopping traffic inside and outside Amazon. The second point is that it can cover computers, mobile phones, and Amazon's own smart devices. Such a good tool is definitely not cheap, and the official service fee is at least $35,000. For our small and medium-sized sellers, this is indeed a lot of money. But in fact, Amazon is also gradually decentralizing some DSP functions to ordinary sellers. Just like the audience advertisement in Amazon's display promotion we introduced today, the official also introduced DSP advertisement, which is similar to this display promotion function.
So how do we improve the effectiveness of audience advertising in this promotional display? We will also use another tool, which is the people statistics tool under Amazon Brand Analysis. To use the above functions, you need to complete the brand registration. Then let's share how to use people statistics to better serve our display ads. First, create a display ad serving a selection audience. In terms of bidding strategies, optimize for the number of viewable impressions, optimize for the number of page visits, and optimize for conversions. The above three correspond to the three goals of increasing brand awareness and increase click-through rate, and the last is improving conversion rate. To the greatest extent, we can choose to optimize for conversion.
Then we come to the audience part again. In the Audience section, there is one for products that are similar to the one you are promoting, and one for the products you are promoting within the 30-day lookback window. Then the official gave a more detailed explanation of this one. This explanation is quite long, so I will share this screenshot with you. The above method is very effective to re-expose potential buyers who have browsed our listing before the peak season or big promotion, and promoting conversion. Next, in the template of Amazon consumers, we need to combine it with the demographics tool of brand analysis, so as to better achieve the purpose of conversion. This audience is divided into four characteristics, the first is the lifestyle, the second is the interest, the third is the life world, and the fourth is the on-site customer group. Before choosing the right audience, we have to go to the Amazon crowd of brand analysis to check the characteristics of the people who have recently purchased products in the store. In fact, there is a simplified step here, which is to use the buyer account cultivated by YiLuProxy to participate in this survey. That is to say, if you are interested in the data of a certain item, you can participate in the Q&A and browse, so that you can also get The advantage of doing this is that it saves time and can be used directly. The continuous stability of the static IP of YiLu proxy is the key to the buyer's account maintenance. It is recommended to use YiLuProxy when registering. Finally, through analysis, you can also Know the right audience for the item you choose.
In this viewing method, Amazon currently provides five types: age, household income, education, gender, and marital status. Here is a case for everyone, that is, in our own store, we take the marital status of a buyer who bought a product in our own store as a case. Our product is a household product. We can see from this screenshot that most of the buyers who buy our products are married, so in the world of life, we choose the new parent. In addition, we confirm the potential buyers from educational background and gender ratio. The lifestyle and interests of buyers can further segment our potential audience and make this traffic more accurate.
After setting the above groups of people, we will then create creatives that match the above audiences, and then we can start the advertising campaign, so that we can make our Amazon display promotion more accurate during the peak season. alright. The above is today's sharing. If you have any questions about Amazon, you can also leave me a message.

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