Facebook Ads 6: How to Get Target Audience on Facebook

Tue Feb 14 2023admin
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Our audience is of two types. The first is the audience derived from data analysis. The second is custom audiences, such as customer contact details, website visits, fans collected through Facebook posts, and users acquired through app events such as mobile apps or games. There is also an offline event, which refers to users who have interacted with you through phone calls, brick-and-mortar stores, or other offline channels to join your Facebook or Instagram audience. And these audiences are very precise.
We can obtain customers' data in many ways. For example, we may purchase data, collect data manually, or obtain data from other companies. For example, if you sell a similar style of clothes to someone else, you can go to the other person's homepage to collect the IDs of his fans and add them to your customer information.
We can develop similar styles for the products of a certain homepage, and provide higher-cost performance and more beautiful designs. We can then target advertising directly to users of these Pages, thereby tapping into their buying power. We can directly obtain conversions by collecting accurate fans. In addition, we can also choose to customize the audience and set the region and country. For example, if we collect 10,000 fans of A's main business and set them as a custom audience on Facebook, and then set the region to the United States, Facebook will find similar persons in the United States based on the criteria of these 10,000 people.
Based on the commonality of these 10,000 people, Facebook Proxy will find similar groups of people to help you quickly expand your audience. You can choose between 1% and 10% of the country's total population as the audience size for your ad. The smaller you are, the closer you will get to your real audience, but the bigger you are, the bigger your audience will be. You can select some audiences among saved audiences and categorize them. This is a very broad audience.
These images and videos are your property as they represent your advertisements. Some products that you create yourself, such as e-commerce, travel, real estate, cars, etc., can be added here as business branches of different main industries.
In the business management platform, in addition to the billing settings, there are also advertising setting tools. The setting of advertising bills is a bit slow, but it is actually relatively simple. There are also some notifications in the settings and you can also get some records of recent bills. The settings also include ad account settings, page settings, and payment settings, where you can add payment methods.
That's all for the introductions to the Facebook advertising system, if you still have other questions, you can enter Facebook official website to know more details.
For Facebook multi-account operation, you need to use an antidetect browser, such as Lalicat and YiLuProxy to prevent accounts from being associated and banned.

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