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Today we will discuss how much start-up capital individual sellers need to start Amazon. Regarding the question of start-up capital, most students may ask this question, I want to prepare how much capital to open an Amazon store in the early stage, in this case we will generally reply, it depends on the product you choose and the entire promotion plan. But some people will say it. But this is good, please, just tell me a rough range, is it enough for 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, or more than a hundred thousand? Maybe this is a very normal questioning mentality of many people when they first came into contact with Amazon. But let me tell you directly that you can play from 30,000 to 50,000 to hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, and Amazon is not too strict. But this question is indeed very important for novices, and even determines whether they can choose this industry based on the current economic conditions. So today I will make a detailed review of the funds that need to be prepared in the early stage of opening a store.
This includes all the expenses involved from the establishment of the first store to the promotion of the first product. You can apply the calculation based on your actual situation, and you can basically calculate the upfront expenses. If you even find this complicated and are unwilling to spend some time thinking about it, then IMHO this industry may not be suitable for you. As I mentioned before, at this stage, Amazon can’t be a white wolf with empty hands. From my experience, I can tell you that those who can achieve wealth freedom through opportunism are basically hooligans. Whoever does it more meticulously and pays more will win It is possible to stand out. This is the threshold and charm of Amazon, and it is also the opportunity for every newcomer. The items to be mentioned below are relatively detailed, and the purpose is to prevent some sellers with limited funds from operating halfway through the operation and find that they are beyond the budget and cannot afford it. In addition, the start-up capital of professional sales plan and personal sales plan is also different, and the difference between the two will be analyzed in detail at the end. Ok, let’s get to the point now, how much start-up capital do you need to start Amazon in 2023? First of all, I will make an overall review for everyone, and then explain them one by one. These start-up funds include the first major item is the cost of opening a store, which we call fixed costs. This includes 7 sub-items. The first small item is the cost of the registered company, the second is the agency bookkeeping, the third is the cost of the venue, and the fourth is the computer and network fee. The fifth is the payment tool. This payment collection tool is mainly used for Amazon's payment collection. The sixth is the up C or ean code used to upload the product. The seventh is about the monthly rental fee of the platform.
The second major item is the cost of operating products, which is a floating cost, which contains eleven small items. The first small item is the cost of sample purchase. The second is the cost of product procurement, that is to say, the cost of our bulk goods. The third is the logistics fee, the fourth is the sales commission, and the fifth is the storage fee. The sixth item is this processing fee for unavoidable some returns. The seventh item is the fee for the removal order.
The eighth item is on-site promotion. We can use one or more types of promotion on this site, which includes advertising fees, early reviewer programs or some set coupons, and some evaluations. The last three small items can be used selectively in the early stage of operation, including the registration of promotional trademarks outside the site, and the VAT tax in Europe. The last big item is personnel costs, which are actually floating costs. Because the situation of each of us is different, the most common situation is that one person starts a business, and then there are multiple partners, and some of them develop to a certain stage and hire people to operate. Well, let's sort out all the projects, and then we will introduce them one by one.
The first thing we want to talk about is the cost of opening a store. The cost of this item is slightly different in different cities. Here is basically a seal engraving and the cost of opening an account. According to your own situation, you don’t need to open an account in the early stage. The fee for stamp engraving is about 600 to 800. Different banks charge different fees for opening an account. It costs about 1,000 yuan to open an account.
You can choose to register by yourself or choose an intermediary company. In fact, the cost will not be much different. For a small number of foreign companies, the cost of registering a foreign company should be calculated according to the actual situation. In terms of agency bookkeeping, most start-up companies do not actually have their own full-time accountants. It would be a waste of energy for you to go through these procedures yourself. Generally, you will choose to cooperate with a third-party service agency to file taxes every month. Small-scale The cost of company registration plus accounting is basically around 2,000 per year. If you need to issue a value-added tax invoice, it needs to reach 6,000-7,000.
Here is a reminder for novices. When you cooperate with a third-party registered company, you must ask whether it includes the company seal and bank account opening fees. Can you show the completed accounts? Try to choose a regular company here, otherwise if your accounts are not done well, it is very likely that you will be included in the abnormal operation, and it will be very troublesome to go to the industrial and commercial and tax relief exceptions. Try to prepare a few votes to report every month, don't report zero every month, this is more dangerous.
In terms of venues, policies vary from place to place. If you have to rent an office space, one or two people can actually choose the kind of co-working office that can be registered as a company. There are also some local companies that can be attached to residences, and you can flexibly grasp these according to the suggestions given by the local service companies.
The problems brought about by this venue will generally be reflected in the second trial. If the second trial is triggered when registering a store, you need to provide a utility bill, which everyone should know in advance. Next, let's talk about the cost of computers and Internet. A batch of overseas IP usage fees need to be involved here. I am using Yilu Proxy for the time being, and the usage fee is about 2000-3000 yuan a year. YiLu Proxy covers static IP and dynamic IP in more than 200 countries and regions. According to In the later period, you can freely extract the IP segment according to your actual needs for opening a store. YiLu proxy can basically help you solve all problems in proxy IP proxy. The cost of the computer depends on your actual situation. Try to choose a large screen, because you will see a lot of dense data in the later stage.
Regarding the collection tools, Amazon currently has the following three mainstream collection tools, the most common is the third one, the first is a US bank account, which is suitable for registered US companies, and the cost will be relatively high. The second type is a Hong Kong bank account. At present, it is relatively difficult for individuals to open an account. Since a large number of personal accounts are used to receive commercial funds from overseas, banks in Hong Kong strictly control and investigate individual account openings in the Mainland. To open a company account, you need to register a Hong Kong company first. The cost is around several thousand RMB, and the cycle should be more than one month. The third type is the most common one just mentioned, which is the third-party partner. Mainland companies generally choose Amazon’s third-party partner, such as Pai Anying W card or Pingpong Lianlian payment. In this case, it is free to apply for an account, but the fee rate for deduction of payment is about 1%. Each one is different, you can learn about the suitable partners from the amz 123 website, and you can also directly communicate with the relevant sales staff in a short and quick manner. Regarding the upc or ean code of the uploaded product, we use upc in most cases. You can get relevant information and purchase through the official website. If you want to buy through Taobao, you need to pay attention to the screening, don’t buy the one that is too cheap, it may be generated by the generator, and it will be troublesome if the product cannot be uploaded when the time comes. After all, an upc is only about one yuan.
Among our big items, the last small item is about the monthly rental fee of the platform. The monthly rent of this website in different countries is slightly different, the United States is 39.99 dollars per month, Europe is 25 pounds per month, and in Japan it is 4900 yen per month. Now that we have finished talking about the fixed costs of opening a store, the relatively large expenses are the venue and bookkeeping in the registered company. If you want to save this part of the cost in the early stage, you can also use a friend or relative's company to register an account. But be sure to make sure that the company has not registered with Amazon in the past, and the legal person does not plan to register in the future, because a company can only register once. In addition, you must ensure that you can know the operating status of the company at any time. If the company is included in the exception, it will also greatly affect your Amazon account.

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