4 Key Metrics Affecting Amazon Seller Sales

Mon Feb 13 2023admin
amazon seller sales
Today I want to share with you a very important topic, which is the most important indicators that affect our Amazon sales. Then in our daily operation work, in fact, all these tasks are carried out around these three indicators. If we can do these things well, then everyone's sales will definitely have a very good performance.
1. Keywords.
First of all, in the product selection stage, we have to start with the keywords, choose the right keywords, and then find the right products. Only the keywords that are really popular on Amazon can guarantee sales.
Secondly, in the editing of the listing, the appropriate keywords should also be selected. In this part, about finding keywords in the listing, we have already explained it very clearly in the previous article on how to write the content of the listing.
2. Cumulative sales of products.
There is a very simple operation strategy, that is, they find a good service provider to increase sales, and within three days of the launch of the new product, they achieved the third place in the category. But this cannot be maintained. If you want to continue to maintain this ranking, you must continue to invest money. Unless you come across a blockbuster, the money you invest for swiping orders is actually in vain.
Then the second point we are talking about here is about the cumulative sales history of the product. When pushing the product, we must ensure that the sales of the product that we push must rise steadily and maintain at least 8 days of sales in the site. Such a stable ranking must avoid such a situation where the sales volume fluctuates greatly. For example, we suddenly increased the sales to 50 orders one day, and then suddenly dropped to 10 orders the next day. At this time, your buyer account needs to fill up the amount of orders in an appropriate amount, so that the gap between before and after is not so obvious, and it is also very useful for your stable ranking. What you need to pay attention to here is that your buyer accounts must be well-balanced. Anti-association, in the selection of IP proxy, I use YiLu Proxy, which covers the IP of 200+ countries and regions around the world, so that your buyer account is more authentic and reliable without association, anti-association has always been the top priority of Amazon The most important thing, no matter it is the buyer account or the seller account, so be sure to find a reliable and stable IP agent, Yilu proxy can escort your account.
3. Listing conversion rate.
The listing conversion rate indicator is very important in Amazon's a9 algorithm. We have also shared this before. If your conversion rate is very low, then your ad display and product natural ranking will not perform well, and your sales will definitely be greatly reduced. Generally speaking, if our conversion rate is lower than 7%, it is very dangerous.
4. Improve the main product image
You can also try to use this function of pixel to do an AB test. The second is to change the pricing of the product. The third is to improve the five points and description of the listing. As for how to write a listing to have a particularly good performance, you can refer to the part on how to write an excellent listing. Generally speaking, the conversion rate of listings is between 12% and 20%, which is a good performance.

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