How to Deal with Failed Amazon PPC Ads

Mon Feb 13 2023admin
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When we did Amazon advertising in the early stage, if we didn’t have a strategy, it was very likely to cause failure. If the effect of the advertising campaign is not good, it must be taken seriously, because it will not only cost money, but also continuously affect the improvement of the advertising level. So today I will share with you how to adjust the advertising campaign that has failed.
Strictly speaking, there are no completely failed ad campaigns in Amazon Advertising. Every advertisement that has been run is the keyword data that we have spent time and money to accumulate. Therefore, we need to download the reports of these failed advertising campaigns, and then separate out the words that have converted but have relatively low equals to make a statistics, and then rebuild a group of advertisements for delivery. For keywords with low conversion rates, we can test them based on buyer accounts in various countries. Use the buyer accounts in various countries and regions to search for keywords in the advertisement to see where your store ranks, and what are the associated hot words? Whether there is search volume. You can use YiLu Proxy to create buyer accounts in various countries. YiLu Proxy is a mature proxy IP. IPs from 200+ countries and regions can be found on YiLu Proxy, and it can also isolate the association between your buyer accounts.
First of all, we should not immediately shut down these advertising campaigns that do not meet the revenue expectations, because a certain amount of money is required in the early stage of advertising. Over time, for those failed campaigns with a cos below 90%, give another two to three weeks to make adjustments. For two to three weeks, lower bids on individual terms each week. The reduction range is 10% to 15% of the single bid, and then continue to check whether the equals of the word has been improved. If it improves, keep it, and if it doesn't, shut it down.
In the advertising campaign mentioned above, our goal is to reduce a cos. In fact, in the early stage of promotion, we can also use the advertising budget to increase the ranking. For a period of time, specifically go to the words with the largest traffic and the highest click cost in the category. At this time, we don't need to consider the performance of equals, and try to increase the bidding budget of words.
When you put in PPC advertising, you must give enough time to the advertising campaign. Don’t rush to shut down the entire ad just after watching it for a week and seeing that the campaign isn’t performing particularly well. Because whether it is Amazon advertising, Google advertising or Facebook advertising, it takes a certain amount of time to learn. If we turn off the advertisement prematurely, it is equivalent to suddenly interrupting the learning process of the machine. Finally, we also investigate the performance of failed ads.

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