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Tue Feb 14 2023admin
Today, I want to share some knowledge about promotion. If you understand the nature of promotion, your promotion work will be done well. The essence of promotion is actually a kind of publicity. Many people think that promotion is a hard advertisement, and it is forced to advertise, but this is wrong.
To understand the principle of sharing, you need to share more, share your life, experience, work, this is the so-called "posting". For example, posting selfies, posting advertisements, and posting something on social platforms will make people want to chat with you. This is actually a kind of exposure, and the principle of promotion is the same. For example, you show what you did today and what you will do tomorrow in the form of small videos on TikTok.
For example, if you are a beauty blogger, you publish an interesting beauty video every day, and then post it on various platforms. Naturally, there will be many people looking for you. You don’t need many mobile phones for promotion, just one mobile phone is enough. Sign up for some platforms and post on these platforms every day, and you will find a lot of traffic. Internet traffic is huge, even if your project is very small, as long as there are 10,000 customers in a small field, and one customer costs 1,000 yuan, you can earn 10 million. So promotion is a valuable technique.
There are many projects on the Internet, but promotion is very important. If you understand the nature of promotion, you will find that posting is very meaningful. For example, I like posting voice messages, because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I can record my promotion methods and experiences, help others and promote myself at the same time. For example, if I think of something next time, I will listen to my recording to see what I thought before, so that I can correct my wrong thoughts, help others, and help myself.
I'm happy to post it, and I'm happy to do it. As I posted more, I also started to have money. why? Because someone will take the initiative to pay me. If you post a lot, people may think that your posts are reasonable and helpful, and they will take the initiative to pay you and find you. why? Because when we do promotion, we must be careful not to use hard advertising. It is useless to use hard advertising, and the traffic is also garbage traffic. For example, many people throw promotional links in the group, which has little effect. Although throwing too much will have some effect, it is also very tiring.
On various platforms, such as Tiktok, YouTube and other short video platforms, post what you are doing and what you like to do, so that you and others will feel happy. This method can be promoted for a long time, and slowly, your income will also increase. Then you will have a sense of accomplishment, make money, and everyone will be happy. The platform will like you too, so don't just post hard advertising there. We should understand the essence of promotion, and often post on multiple mobile phone information platforms. If you post too much, many people will naturally come to you.
By setting socks5 node and residential IP with Yilu proxy, and fake your region, you can get the following benefits:1. You have been to the UK, and you also have British friends. Your friends will post their daily routines on foreign platforms. You can use this information to promote.2. Residential IP includes most countries and regions in the world, and more promotion methods can be expanded.3. You can also use multiple accounts to promote, through private messages and comments.

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