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Tue Feb 14 2023admin
online marketing
Hello everyone, I am an entrepreneur who specializes in Online marketing without supply. When doing this kind of promotion, you must first look for keywords, that is, find keywords related to your industry. For example, if I am engaged in non-source promotion, then I will look for keywords such as "no source of supply". You can search for these keywords in the search engine, and it will provide many related drop-down keywords. These are all important keywords.
When promoting, the first thing to do is to collect keywords. You should collect dozens, maybe hundreds or thousands if you want to do it slowly. Then collect all these keywords, and then make them into videos, audios or articles, and then distribute them. This is the case with promotion. Promotion is actually not difficult. First, you need to find keywords, and then make videos, audios and articles. The process of finding keywords can be done on Google, because there are many such keywords on Google. The next step is to make the title, which is also the keyword we usually make. These steps are actually quite simple. In my opinion, we should use long tail keywords as much as possible.
After finding the target keywords, the next step should be to use these keywords to make corresponding article titles. Note that this is the title, not the content. The content is written according to the title. Since we are creating relevant content based on the headline, this is the third step. After making the content, we will divide the content into several pieces, and then make the title. We can mix a few words about how to make a title. These titles can be found on Google without much trouble. Of course, if your keywords are, you can search on the corresponding platform, and you only need to put together a few words to make a title. It's really simple. Our second step is to make the title.
The third step is which platforms we want to publish the content we have produced. First of all, you need to register an account on these platforms and change the remarks. Everyone should pay attention, do not leave contact information in the content, but leave contact information in the remarks, so that everyone can download and install. The process of registration and installation will not be repeated here. The important thing is that if you have registered multiple accounts, it is best to use 1 machine, 1 number, 1 root IP segment, so as to avoid your account being banned. It is a pity for an account that has been used for a long time to be banned. For those unfamiliar with IP, I can offer some advice. You can set residential IP using socks5 node. The residential IP is very stable, I have used it for 1 year, and these IP segments can still be used. Therefore, I recommend everyone to use the residential IP of Yilu proxy, which is more suitable for account maintenance, and the socks5 node is very fast, which can improve our work efficiency.
Next, we can log in to the platform we registered before and publish the content we have produced. Publish the previously produced video to the video platform, publish the audio content to the audio platform, and publish the article to the article platform. Send out one or two rounds every day, this is the normal promotion method. I think anyone can promote this way because it can take all the platforms and there will always be some traffic coming. There is no promotion effect without traffic, so publishing content is very important.
The fourth step is to produce content. We can collect and produce content from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Production content can be divided into audio content, article content and video content. For example, we can find some high-quality videos on YouTube, and make a video according to the content of the sound and text in the video, which works very well. We can make videos on TikTok, YouTube and other platforms. Making audio is even easier, just read the video into a piece of audio. Articles are also easy to make, and several articles can be combined into one article. In short, it is not difficult to make content, and everyone can explore by themselves.

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