Social Media Marketing 5 Win Win Goal

Tue Feb 14 2023admin
social media marketing win win goal
When cooperating with social media internet celebrities, we should achieve a win-win goal, that is, both we and the network partners can benefit. We hope to achieve our marketing goals through network cooperation, such as selling products or gaining brand exposure. At the same time, we don't want followers lost when Internet celebrities post advertisements. In order to avoid this situation, we can keep the support of fans by holding a competition, providing fans with coupons, holding a review contest, etc.
In video reviews, we can randomly draw the best reviews and give the top three a big coupon. I've done this kind of activity before and it works really well. For example, there is a celebrity who originally only had a few thousand followers, but gained more than 1,000 followers through activities. When he usually publishes a post, there may only be a few dozen people commenting on it, but during the event, the number of comments suddenly increased to one or two hundred.
When cooperating with Internet celebrities, if payment is required, we must confirm the identity of the other party before paying, and don't be cheated even if it is a small amount of money.
In order to ensure the effect of cooperation, when publishing content creation, we should put forward our requirements. For example, we should ask questions about how to describe our products, whether to place our links under the post, whether to place our social media links, etc. These requirements should be clearly communicated to internet celebrities.
When requesting the release time, we need to observe and study the time period when the followers of the internet celebrities are most active. Once we determine the time period when our followers are most active, we should ask internet celebrities to publish our posts during this time period. In addition, when cooperating with Internet celebrities, it is best not to cooperate only once, but to conduct continuous cooperation. For example, publish content once a day to let followers remember you. If you post only once, they will likely forget about you, resulting in poor marketing.
If you appear in the sight of the followers of Internet celebrities continuously, such as ten consecutive days, half a month, or a month, and keep updating the content, they are likely to remember you for a long time, at least they will remember you for a long time, such as remembering your industry, your business scope, how to find you, etc. After they remember you, if their friends or other people have similar needs, they may recommend you to them, or they will remember you when they have needs. Therefore, if you can continue to cooperate with Internet celebrities, it will improve their memory of you, thereby increasing your popularity and reputation in their hearts.
By cooperating with Internet celebrities, we can use their resources to improve our own accounts and convert their followers into our own followers. At the same time, we must also pay attention to avoid conflicts with Internet celebrities, and help ourselves become a little celebrity through interaction. When we frequently comment and interact with him, and his followers also communicate with our followers, his followers will be diverted to our account, which will help us increase our popularity.
Before cooperating, we have to carefully examine the quality of internet celebrities. We should conduct several experimental cooperation with internet celebrities to see how their character, integrity, and cooperation are. Through these experiments, we can understand their effects. Then we can have a long-term cooperation. At the same time, we should also target some internet celebrities who are not yet famous, but their content is very good and suitable for our products. We can work with them for a long time and help them build a following by giving them support and helping them develop the quality of their videos.
In the end, through long-term cooperation, the other party has a great dependence on you, whether it is for your products or for your support. Because of this dependence, the cost of cooperation will be lower. At the same time, you can also benefit from the marketing of the other party, and the other party can also benefit from it, so that both parties will benefit.
We are not only looking for some famous internet celebrities but also looking for some small Internet celebrities and cultivating them to discover their potential. You have to evaluate his video quality, content quality, etc., and review it yourself. The ultimate way is to make yourself an online celebrity, so that your marketing costs will be greatly reduced. Of course, this is a process, and many things need to be done, such as content production, marketing methods, network celebrity relationships, etc. When you have completed these tasks, you also need to combine the marketing methods of Internet celebrities to help you become an Internet celebrity, so that your marketing costs will be greatly reduced.
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