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The protection and security of confidential data is an constant and vital interest around the globe. It is easily accessible to accumulate private information. Actually, about 62% of users have encountered a data leak in a variety of ways, such as bank account, credit card details as well as social network accounts.

Not surprisingly, our smartphones, tablet or smart devices, computers are being monitored. There is no doubt that companies gather user information to develop user experience quality. However, they also utilize users information to gain ultimate financial benefits.

In this essay, we’d like to discuss one of the most prevalent methods to achieve anonymity – antidetect browsers. Stay with us to learn their main traits and choose the best one to make your personal information secure and private.

What is an antidetect browser?

We’re familiar with cookies, which are used to track a user online. The IP address is another well-known identifier. However, it is not difficult to change cookies and IP addresses.

However, a browser fingerprint is a much more tough guy to deal with.

A browser fingerprint integrates plenty of data points that involve a device’s IP address, hardware, and software parameters. The purpose of an antidetect browser is to counterattack tracking so that you can implement your activities with privacy.

But how does an anti-detect browser differ from regular web browsers?

Antidetect browsers are very similar to Google ChromeFirefoxSafari, and the like. They promise complete privacy and anonymity, substitute browser fingerprints, and make it available to deal with multiple accounts simultaneously in one profile.

So we will introduce what parameters antidetect browsers replace.

  • User-Agent (such as operating system, software, software versions, etc);
  • Screen Dimension. An antidetect browser will create an irregular but existing resolution ratio.
  • Canvas. Remember to create a fingerprint on the operating system which you’re using, Canvas and the system must be matched.
  • WebRTC. (information about the conversation, a microphone, a web camera, etc)
  • Browser Language. The language must match the location of your IP address and it is also can be replaced. 
  • GPS or Location. This parameter must be changed to Auto to protect you.

Antidetect browsers also change the parameters of the plugs, time, fonts, and so much more.

Best Antidetect Browsers

There are multiple products on the market that guarantee complete confidentiality on the internet. Here are our top three options of reliable anti detect browsers for diversified uses:

1. Multilogin

  • Pricing: starting from $118 per month, free trial for up to 10 profiles
  • Support: works on all OSs

If you’re aimed at multiple accounts management, Multilogin is a perfect choice. You can deal with more than 100 accounts at the same time, imitate a concrete device, and eliminate bans.

The Mimic (modified Chrome) and Stealthfox (modified Firefox) make it feasible to create browser profiles quickly and change every parameter manually if you want.

2. GoLogin

  • Pricing: starting from $24 per month, free trial for up to 3 profiles
  • Support: Linux, Windows, Mac, mobile devices

With GoLogin, you can hide and change your fingerprints on websites. You can disguise all parameters, simulate an authentic identity, and subsequently bypass anti-fraud blocks.

The app has an independent antidetect browser Orbita to help you with your various accounts and assignments on the internet. You can create a great number of profiles with diversified fingerprints. And you can also easily control your fingerprints from independent profiles.

3. Lalicat

  • Pricing: starting from $59 per month, 3-day free trial
  • Support:  Mac, Windows, Linux, mobile devices

Like any other antidetect browser, Lalicat allows you to create and manage separate multiple browser profiles. The interface is relatively concise to use, and you can import accounts in large quantities. Even starters can easily use it.

And you can also employ it alone or with a team. You can easily create a team and manage responsibilities and permissions across all accounts. A great number of users apply it for e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopee. I believe it is a feasible option for business use.


Now you realize that web security is not such a problem, right? Hope this article will help you protect your confidential data and improve your career. See you next time!

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