Create eBay Stealth Accounts

Sat Sep 17 2022admin

People owning a business are already aware that how beneficial eBay is, as the chief role of online shopping in e-commerce.
However, there are still some potential risks when operating on eBay. For example, have your eBay seller account ever got banned? It can easily happen to anyone.
Losing your account means you will completely lose all of your listings and contacts, which would state your business in an emergency. But don’t worry, eBay stealth accounts help you shield yourself.

eBay allows people to create multiple accounts and stores all your data and information for each of them even if the account gets a suspension. It is not a friendly rule for people doing business. However, stealth accounts are different, they are not linked. And the ownership of a stealth account can’t be traced back to you. That’s to say, you can go on business with stealth accounts as usual regardless of a ban.

Reasons for stealth accounts.
1. Make more profits.
The first advantage is that you can copy your successful listings using other stealth accounts to maximize your profit. Subsequently, you can occupy the first few places of the search results on eBay through different stores.
2. No worry about suspension.
Once one of your accounts gets a suspension you will lose loyal and potential customers and never use it again. You may not be able to continue selling or be out of action temporarily because the appeal process is so long. With eBay stealth accounts, these worries disappear. In other words, even if one of your accounts was suspended, you could carry on business and earn profits from the other stealth accounts.
3. No limits.
eBay set some pretty strict sales limits for all accounts. The selling limit for new accounts is 10 items with a total value of $500 every month. If you have enough stealth accounts, you won’t be restricted by the rule.

Steps to open an eBay stealth account successfully.
1.Use fresh information.
As we stressed above, eBay has already stored your information from your original account(s). You had better use a friend/family’s identity that is not linked to an existing eBay account to avoid being detected. Please make sure the name, address, and Paypal account are all fresh.
2.Use a different phone number.
A new phone number is crucial because eBay will ask for certification through your mobile phone for your emails.
3.Use a new email address.
You’ll have to sign up for new email addresses to create your stealth accounts. We suggest you use Gmail which disables tracking IP by default.
4.Clear your cookies.
eBay uses browser cookies to stop fraud as other platforms do. It’s necessary to clear your cookies before you open a new account.
5.Change your IP address.
This is the most important step. We know that every device that connects to the internet uses an IP address. If you’re opening a new account from the same IP as the original or suspended account, eBay will shut you down right away.
In order not to be flagged, the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way is to use our Yilu ebay proxy to change your location and IP. As an intermediary between you and the target website, the proxy server will hide your real IP address and protect your identity to help you access eBay securely.

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