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Online Marketing
First of all, everyone knows that to do overseas marketing, you must use a proxy or VPN, but the concealment of VPN is relatively poor, so I recommend using socks5 nodes to cooperate with overseas residential IPs to achieve IP conversion, and most of our overseas platforms need to be stable IP, so we try to choose overseas residential IP to use, which is more protective for our account, let’s get to the point:Everyone should know the extension tools of Google Chrome. Today I want to introduce a few plugins to you.
1. E-commerce toolThe first plug-in may be useful to those who are e-commerce, independent stations or platforms. For example, if we want to understand the Internet situation in a certain country, we may use many tools at this time. First, let's talk about traffic query tools, such as SEMrush, ahref, it may be useful for many students to do AliExpress. For example, everyone knows how to do it, but you may not know the traffic situation of it recently, How much traffic does AliExpress have? What does its traffic structure look like? What country does it come from? If we want to focus on which countries to promote, what should we do? If we want to understand these situations, have a general understanding, then what should we do? Then we can use this tool, which is a simple tool. We can use this tool to understand the traffic situation of AliExpress.
Recently, AliExpress traffic has experienced a slight decline. The most recent its traffic is 5 billion views, which has declined slightly in recent months. This is data for the past six months. If we want to see more and more detailed data, we can also see it, such as the data of the past year, or the data of the last few months, or more and more subdivided data.
Here we can see the number of visitors, average visitor depth and average off-site jump data. Let's look at traffic sources. Direct access is the first, through external links, search and social media are other sources. Social media accounted for a large proportion, accounting for 8.63%. Email marketing and advertising are also sources of traffic. Now let's take a look at AliExpress's country traffic rankings. Russia ranked first with 27.44%, followed by the United States with 6.08%. Other countries include Brazil, Ukraine and Turkey. We can clearly see which five countries are the main traffic sources of AliExpress, accounting for more than 50% of the traffic. If we want to see more data, we can use the paid version to view the traffic proportion of 215 countries. What's this? This is the traffic flow of it, such as where the traffic comes from, where it comes from, and where it goes, right? For example, enter it from here, which is some promotion places of AliExpress.
After entering it, the traffic will flow to the payment page or other pages, such as the inquiry page. These are domain names inside. Here are the search results, and these are the top terms. These are the words how users find AliExpress, and of course there are more than 6000 other words. This is where traffic comes from both web and mobile. u two b accounts for about 50%, and vk also accounts for a part. So for AliExpress, vk occupies a large proportion in marketing. Facebook is also a Russian social media. Finally, watch up, which is the key advertising of AliExpress. These are traffic sources like uToB.
Let's check Amazon and see what is the difference between Amazon and AliExpress? We can see that, first of all, in terms of traffic, Amazon is more than 4 times that of AliExpress for Amazon is 2.3 billion and AliExpress is 500 million. The proportions are almost the same, and the United States accounts for the most.
Shopee only targets 7 countries in Southeast Asia, but the traffic has reached 100 million, which proves that the Shopee platform still has room for development. Compared with AliExpress, the sellers of AliExpress should be many times that of Shopee, because many people have not started using Shopee. Shopee has a certain threshold, not a qualification threshold, but you need to pass the review, you need to have e-commerce experience or strength, and so on. Shopee’s threshold is not as low as that of AliExpress, and AliExpress only needs to spend a little money to get on.
In addition to analyzing big brand websites, we can also analyze competitors. For example, we have collected a lot of competitors, and we randomly find one to analyze. This is a competitor who does hair. Its traffic is very small, and it may have been negligible, and the traffic cannot be found. But he has more than 400,000 traffic, and it is not bad for an independent station to achieve 400,000 traffic, which proves that he is a very strong competitor. If he built an independent website with more than 400,000 traffic, relatively speaking, if he is equivalent to AliExpress, we open an AliExpress store, we have more than 400,000 traffic, I estimate the sales of his store It is also very high. It is estimated that the annual sales may exceed tens of millions of dollars, because the unit price of wigs is very high.
We can see some of its traffic sources, keywords, advertisements, etc. here, and we can also dig out many competitors here.
2. YouTube plugin.I found some interesting plugins and wanted to share them with you. For example, YouTube has a plugin specifically for YouTube. Let's take a look, assuming we want to find a trailer, such as the trailer for the overseas version. The problem is that this trailer does not have Chinese subtitles, we want to understand it, what should we do? We can download this video first, and at this time we can use a tool called Greasy Fork, which has a plug-in called YouTube Download Tool. Then we can sync the video.
After downloading the video, we put the downloaded subtitles and the downloaded video in the same folder, and make the names of the two files the same. You can see that the automatically generated Chinese subtitles appear. If it is not automatically generated, regardless of whether there were English subtitles before, there are Chinese subtitles now. So what does this tool do? I mostly use it for learning. Videos on YouTube, or Facebook videos about Facebook ads, but my English is not very good, I can't read it, so I found this tool to help me learn and understand this knowledge.
With this tool, we can understand many foreign videos. Although its subtitles do not fully conform to Chinese grammar, we can still understand most of them. I think the translation is also very good.
You can go to the Greasy Fork website to download this very powerful toolset, and you can install it. After installation, you can get new scripts and new packages in it. New scripts can be downloaded from the public scripting forum. You can search for subtitles in it, then download V2 or automatic subtitle download. You can try which one works better. I personally use the automatic subtitle download, because manually selecting the language was a bit of a hassle. If you encounter problems during installation, you can delete it and reinstall it. Most people should have no problems.
You can see that this video is automatically translated into Chinese and synchronized in real time, which is very convenient for us to learn foreign materials. There are many, many learning materials on YouTube, such as Russian. The video is downloaded, with automatic translation, it is also in Russian.
This tool should be of great help to everyone, especially some friends who love to learn.
3. INS toolOk, let's share a tool for INS. People use Instagram all the time, usually on a computer, which I think is more convenient. But sometimes Instagram is a mobile app, focused on mobile. In this case, the pictures of the Instagram proxy cannot be downloaded on the mobile phone.
But when we see a lot of great pictures on Instagram, like some marketing pictures, we might want to download those pictures and use them. For example, we may see a clothing brand that has done very well on AliExpress. It is called shein, which is a Chinese brand. We might wonder if our clothes are the same as theirs, if we imitated their clothes, or if we want to use these images as promotional material for our Instagram or something. Very simple, we can download these pictures directly. These images usually have high resolution and are useful to us.
In addition to the download function, this plugin has another function, that is, it can download many pictures at once. It can download all pictures of a person at one time, from the first to 8000 pictures at one time. Of course, because this function is too violent, we will not use it for the time being. In addition, there is another important tool that can simulate the environment of the mobile phone. In this simulated mobile phone environment, we can do what the mobile phone can do. For example, posting on the mobile phone cannot be posted on the web, but using this tool, we can post on the computer. We can choose an image, add a filter, add a description and location, and post it. This tool is convenient for everyone to manage accounts on the computer without switching back and forth between the computer and the mobile phone. We also share this plugin with everyone.
This might be a little more difficult. why? It may be more useful for friends with slightly stronger English skills. For example, we enter the Facebook proxy and copy a piece of text. Suppose we are copying English text. We copy a piece of text at random. OK, let's think about it. Let's say we want to make a post in the dialog, we want to make a post here. At this time, this tool will help us check the syntax for errors.
We can see that this tool is very useful for friends who post or write articles. It will give us an editing board to help us quickly modify this text. It's even possible to store this text in the cloud (for a fee). For example, we sometimes do translation or respond to customers, assuming a customer yells and asks: "Why don't you pay? Are you rich or not?"
Let me repeat, we translate it into English. Paste this text here and see no grammatical errors. However, if it finds an error, this tool will help us correct the syntax error. This tool is especially useful for people writing papers or posts in English, really very useful.
Don't underestimate the role of this tool. Today we are purely sharing tools, not involving traffic, methods, etc. We just want to share some good things with you, sharing my own commonly used tools. There is also a small tool, which is the emoticon package tool. Use this tool when you want to add emoticons to your posts or other content, but don't know how to send them. For example, you can find angry emoticons here, copy and paste them where you want to send them, and you can send angry emoticons. There are many emoticons that can be used flexibly, and it is also a small tool that does not need to be described too much.
At this time, we can use this tool to collect the mailboxes of these people. This can help us carry out precise marketing and improve conversion rates. And this tool can also help us collect by category. For example, we can collect according to keywords, such as collecting only the mailboxes of people who mention clothes, or only collect the mailboxes of people who mention jewelry. This will help us target customers more accurately and carry out marketing. That's what this tool does.
When these keywords are mentioned, we can guess that this person has been working on clothes-related things recently, or he has a certain desire to buy clothes. Therefore, we will collect his mailbox and send him an email, which may lead to a deal. Or we can find his email address, import it through Facebook's advertising system, and advertise to people who are interested in clothes or who have posted clothes-related posts. Yes, relatively speaking, we would choose to do that.
When doing audience analysis, we can simply filter out 18-year-old women in the United States, which will be more precise. We can try a tool that can automatically search for keywords related to clothes, of course, other keywords can also be replaced. This tool can also search for mailboxes with specified suffixes, such as Gmail, Russian Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc. We can put these suffixes in a list and use tools to automatically search. When the tool starts to run, it will search for clothes-related post content and block out the pictures. At this time, we can see a small plug-in next to it, and the number keeps increasing. We can see that the number has been increasing.
What is this plugin for? It can automatically recognize the mailboxes that appear on the page. For example, you can search for information about brands such as Burberry, Nike, etc., and then you will collect a lot of mailboxes that you can send emails to these people. You may also collect the email addresses of some potential customers. This is a tool that can increase your success rate. When you are searching, you can see the increasing number of mailboxes that this tool is searching automatically. At this time, you can collect these mailboxes, and soon you can collect a lot of relatively accurate customer mailboxes, although not 100% accurate, but relatively accurate. Why combine these two tools? Because these two tools are charged, even if you search for an hour or two, you can only get 40 mailboxes for free. If you want to get more, you have to pay. What if we don't want to pay? We can use another plugin to break through paid restrictions. At this time, if we use these two plug-ins together, the effect will be very good. You can save these two plug-ins and use them together.
We have introduced so many plug-ins to you, now let’s introduce how to find the tools that suit you. Usually you can't just rely on other people's recommendations, sometimes you want to find some tools that you can use. One way is to get more extensions through Google's extension toolbox. Here, you can search for the tool you want, for example, you want a plugin for Instagram. At this time, there will be many plugins related to Instagram, and you can choose here. For example, you can use the Daily Inspiration Photo Calendar plugin, which will give you daily inspiration based on 365 photos from Instagram users. In this way, if you don't know when to post every day, you can add a tool and let him make some recommendations for you.
There are many gadgets here, you can try some of them. For example, this should be an advertising tool for paid advertising. Another way is to search for related keywords on Google, such as Facebook. This way you will find a lot of tools related to Facebook. You can research these tools to see if any can be used for you.
I'm talking about this because I want everyone to put more effort into learning. It doesn't do me any good, because you'll learn it yourself, so you probably won't come to me to learn it. But I still want more people to learn something different through YouTube. There's still something useful about these things for hard-working cadets who might be excited. For example, Google has a built-in translation tool. The translation of text is usually not difficult, but the translation of video is a little difficult. It took us some time to find a way and share it with you for free so you can learn something on YouTube. In addition, there is a marketing tool that manages all social media posting report inboxes and has automated management functions. But this thing is charged.

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