What is a Facebook proxy

What is a Facebook proxy?

To get rid of excessive addiction, many offices, schools, and even countries have blocked Facebook in their locations. Do you want to unblock Facebook? Then you’re lucky because of our Facebook proxies. AFacebook proxy serves as an intermediary between you and the target website(Facebook). You can use it to get around geo-restriction. Nobody will even find out as it looks like you've accessed from a perfectlydifferent location. Our Facebook proxies guarantee your anonymity and hide your tracks.

Build a good relationship with your friends

Bypass restrictions and log in to Facebook with Facebook proxies, to maintain communication with your friends no matter where you are. Even though Facebook is blocked from your location, you are available toaccept requests, update your profile, reply to events, and read your private messages at once.

Scrape Facebook data

Facebook is a data hub for sales, market research, and rival analysis for business. With Facebook proxies and crawlers, you can collect and gather tons of data and information from various sites, coupled withsafeguarding your Facebook accounts from getting a ban. Just keep in mind that don’t be against terms and conditions.
Scrape Facebook data
create multiple accounts

Create multiple Facebook accounts

If you attempt to set up a second account with the same IP address from the same browser, your IP will shut down immediately. It is not friendly for people who require multiple accounts for expanding theirbusiness. With our Facebook proxy, you can target any location around the globe for each Facebook account and operate them seamlessly. Anonymity is basically assured because you will use real-device IPs.

Automate your accounts

If you don't automate the process, running multiple Facebook accounts will become tiring and cumbersome in a short time. However, a reliable Facebook proxy that can’t be easily detected will cure yourheadache. Our Facebook proxy cooperates with almost all Facebook automation tools on the market, such as Jarvee, Follow Liker, and DominatorHouse. Now you are free to do automated activities like planningposts, liking, and remarking.

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