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YiLu Proxy is a good alternative to the 911S5 because of its rich IP resources, stable running time, diverse services, high anonymity, affordable pricing, and convenient customer service.

911S5 is a high-profile proxy IP service provider, claiming to have millions of residential IPs for users to use with an independent client. It is very popular among cross-border e-commerce workers, overseas social platform marketers, and tech industry practitioners. However, on July 28, 911S5 proxy urgently announced a permanent shutdown. And due to the sudden incident, many people did not even return the balance they had just charged. More importantly, the projects and work that many users are working on are affected and cannot be carried out normally.

The overview of 911S5

The 911S5 provides residential proxies for transmitting information. The S5 in the name stands for SOCKS5 Proxy Protocol, which means it is a SOCKS support proxy. It has a large number of regularly updated residential IPs so they are always clean and fresh.

Although 911S5 only supports Windows devices, they claim to be one of the best residential proxy vendors in the industry due to its excellent speeds.
In addition to speed, another trait of 911S5 is wide coverage. The proxy is available in more than 190 countries around the globe, which makes it distinguishable from other providers in the market. The unlimited bandwidth allows you to initiate thousands of requests at no extra expense.

911S5 receives a lot of referrals and positive remarks on Trustpilot because of the great service they provide. The tons of IPs also ensure that you can dynamically rotate them at any time. This means you obtain a fresh IP address every few minutes, which is a great way to enjoy more anonymity.

Their lifetime characteristic is unique in the market. 911S5 offers proxies with lifetime validity, meaning once you buy a proxy plan, it never expires until you delete your data. Therefore, the 911 S5 became the chief choice for many users.

Emergency of 911 S5  proxy alternative

Now many practitioners who used 911S5 before are eagerly looking for alternatives to help them continue their business. However, the current proxy IP market is full of chaos. A large number of proxy service providers are trying to rip you off by IP resources of varying quality under the banner of "free proxy" and "quality proxy", making it difficult for users unfamiliar with the proxy IP market to make a choice. So here I will introduce to you a long-established proxy IP service provider in the industry - YiLu Proxy. Since its inception, YiLu proxy has been committed to providing high-quality basic resources of big data and information collection around the globe. At present, YiLu proxy has reached in-depth cooperation with more than 1,000 companies around the world, and its IP resources are distributed in numerous countries across the world, winning a good reputation from a large number of users. Next, I will show you why it deserves it.

Features of YiLu proxy

  1. Rich IP Resources. Like 911 proxyYiLu proxy has rich IP resources. At present, YiLu provides up to 90 million real residential IPs in real-time, and the number of IPs steadily ranks among the top in the industry. IP resources cover more than 200 countries and regions all over the world, which means users can choose IPs from any country or city and get faster and higher quality IP proxy services to carry out business.
  2. Stable Running Time. Inheriting the advantage of 911S5, YiLu proxy provides completely pure proxy IP resources, achieving a 99% connection rate and 98% accuracy. With fast response speed, unlimited concurrent requests, and stable running time, Yilu proxy can easily improve overall business efficiency and reduce business costs for users.
  3. Easy to Use. For customers who are accustomed to the 911S5 service, YiLu proxy also offers proxies with an independent client to maintain the usage habit. It is easy to configure with the tutorial document. Besides, we know that the 911 S5 is only compatible with Windows operating system. However, not only is YiLu proxy compatible with Windows versions, but it also supports Android, iOS, and macOS. This brings great convenience to various users.
  4. Web Scraping. If your aim for proxies is web scraping, the 911S5 is not advisable for such a purpose. In the case of YiLu Proxy, it makes a significant improvement in web scraping, so you can scrape and gather diverse data on the internet for your business.
  5. Diverse Services. Compared with 911S5 which only provides residential IPs for use, YiLu proxy offers a widespread range, covering shared static IPs, dedicated static IPs, dynamic datacenter IPs, and dynamic residential IP addresses to meet users’ particular needs.
  6. High Anonymity. The 911S5 ensures high anonymity using the SOCKS5 protocol. And the YiLu proxy is no exception. They both provide residential IPs from standard ISP, making it almost impossible to detect or ban as you will look like an ordinary visitor online.
  7. Affordable Pricing. Although the pricing system of 911S5 is reasonable. YiLu proxy is more friendly for people who want to get proxies on a tight budget. Certainly, unlimited bandwidth and lifetime validity are also ensured.
  8. Convenient Customer Service. YiLu proxy provides 7*24 hours of experienced customer service, with the technical research and development team to bring customers all-weather and multi-faceted business scenarios support. At present, many products in the industry that provide overseas proxy IP services belong to foreign brands, whose customer service communication needs to use English. While YiLu proxy provides both English and Chinese service around the clock. Now the YiLu proxy promotes a $19.9 pricing plan for new customers to experience excellent service. It is absolutely a good opportunity to have a try.

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