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Are Sellers Allowed to Have Multiple Accounts on Amazon?

In 2020, Amazon modified its policy concerning multiple accounts and enables sellers, with legitimate business needs, to create multiple accounts without Amazon's approval. Here are some good business reasons for your reference:
1. Holding multiple brands and possessing separate services for each.
2. Making products for two different and separate corporations.
3. Enrolled for an Amazon program that needs separate accounts.

What can be called a legitimate business reason? The specific content is undefined by Amazon. As long as your Amazon account is not getting a suspension, it seems that Amazon allows sellers to open another account.

The Downsides of Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts
Managing multiple amazon seller accounts can be a headache experience. That’s because if you do something improperly, your seller accounts could be banned altogether. If you don’t want to be labeled or be detected as illegitimate accounts, you have to operate them cautiously and remember to comply with the rules of Amazon. In order to improve your comprehensive performance on Amazon, there are a few other obstacles to notice:
1. Time challenge - Manually updating listings can become burdensome because they need a great deal of time and energy to deal with. The course of managing the accounts, orders, and inventory is not a single click, it involves a few steps. Keeping track of each seller account doesn't happen in real-time and you are responsible to switch back and forth between each case. It means the relevant information is not updated synchronously.
2. User mistakes - As mentioned above, it is a process to operate a series of steps by a human, which takes a risk of making mistakes. A small fault can be ignored, yet the business error is prone to be unforgiving which may cause a significant loss.

Attention for Multiple Seller Accounts
Managing multiple accounts never be an easy issue. Amazon employs a sophisticated algorithm to figure out which accounts are interconnected to one person. Amazon is constantly examining the following information:
1. The IP address of the Internet connection point or MAC address of the computer
2. Browser fingerprints, such as cookies or flash objects.
3. Any information from a previous account, such as your name, phone number, address, bank account, credit card.
For example, once you access seller central from the previous IP and you will be detected by Amazon. If you plot to manage multiple accounts on the Amazon platform, you had better consider the following practices to protect yourself.
4. Amazon’s approval first. If you have a real business requirement for opening a separate account, make a clarification for it in a formal application to Amazon.
5. Appeal for a chance timely. If Amazon thinks that you broke the clauses and conditions for multiple seller accounts, they may close your accounts altogether. You are supposed to apologize and interpret what happened and beg for another opportunity to deal on Amazon.
6. Apply for the original account. If you are in danger of being suspended or required to present more files to create multiple accounts, do it from the original account you set up.
7. Don’t share your IP address or WIFI connection. When you sell products with different accounts on Amazon , the same IP address can cause sellers to get flagged. And be sure to complete your work on your dedicated and secure WIFI network to protect your business.
8. Extreme cautiousness. Quite a few sellers on Amazon employ different devices with different IP addresses to manage multiple accounts, which is troublesome to some extent. Be sure to conserve your account information definite and separate on your device. The best solution is to draw support from a third-party tool like Yilu proxy, where you can easily manage separate accounts without constant clicks.

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How to Use Yilu to Manage Multiple Accounts on Amazon?
Yilu proxy is designed to spare no effort to help users manage multiple accounts. Simply download Yilu and then use the App to quickly toggle between different accounts. Yilu Amazon proxy can change different IPs to set up multiple accounts, free from being flagged by Amazon because our residential IPs are rotating per request. And Yilu is fully compatible with the majority of websites on the Internet so you can benefit from it effortlessly.

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