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What is a Residential Proxy

Actually, a residential proxy is a type of proxy server and acts as an intermediary for all the traffic between your devices and the websites you link to. What’s more, the residential proxy address has its physical location around the world. So, If you browse a website, your browser preferences and real IP address won’t be exposed.

Residential proxy includes real IP addresses and is provided by ISPs, which will improve online anonymity. Generally, residential proxies connect to specific home ISPs through computers or phones, making residential proxies even more anonymous.

Features of Residential Proxies


You might wish to hide your IP address for multiple reasons. You also need to collect data from several websites and run many accounts from the same computer. However, a network of residential proxies is great for hiding your true online identity. It will designate you a real residential IP, and hide your IP from the server for more online anonymity.

Stable and Efficient

Residential proxies are fast and stable, it covers all locations and the customer service is altogether effective and helpful. We take advantage of advanced proxy servers that majorize the connection speed in the network market.

Function Introduction of Residential Proxy

Residential proxies are applied to market price monitoring, social networks, market survey, etc.

Market price monitoring

Residential proxy is a general platform. In a fiercely competitive environment, it is indispensable to monitor and obey the market pricing trends. With the help of the residential proxies, you will be able to utilize the tools of sales statistics for data collection and gain timely market price updates. To sum up, residential proxies provide different sales intelligence for you to price monitoring and analysis to think out an alternative price for your products.

Social networks

Social media plays an important role in modern Internet marketing. Therefore, this is a very popular reason why our users choose residential proxies. Pinterest,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks are very cautious, however, residential proxies can create various social media accounts. With residential proxies, you can manage them completely and change your location at random.

Market survey

It is significant to note that residential proxies can be used for market surveys, residential proxies are an effective way to do extensive scraping on Google, Facebook, and other huge sites. Furthermore, it’s impossible for residential IPs to ban a large number of them because they look exactly like everyday devices and don’t share any subnetworks.

Reasons to Choose Residential Proxy

Flexible charge

You can use the whole proxy network based on each price plan and support a monthly auto-renewable subscription. At the beginning of every billing cycle, payments are made monthly. That’s why we provide you with a large number of free tools and the most expensive services and customer support permanently.

Real Residential IPs

All IP addresses in our residential proxies are based on a real physical location and come from reasonable desktop and mobile devices. They do not share a subnetwork and are extremely difficult to block.

Collect data anywhere

Residential proxy can cover more than 200+ countries' proxy servers, including thousands of cities and areas. Furthermore, you can access the whole IP pool with unlimited connection requests for multiple threads on web scraping.

Unlimited Sessions

Meeting your demands for all scenarios. A residential proxy network allows you to send unlimited concurrent connection requests. So your scraper can visit all the pages you need at any time.

How to Set up Residential Proxies

First of all, the residential proxies team is willing to help you at any time. What’s more, we also have detailed setup guides that include screenshots and other available information to make the setup like a cork. Therefore, it indeed depends on the device of your choice. Of course, if you want to use residential proxies for your own personal reasons, you can also find a detailed guide that will help you connect residential proxies from Yilu proxy to your desktop device and mobile phone. Here's an example you can follow:

1. Please click the Rotating Residential IP Proxy tab on the country list, then enter the country or shortcode in the search box, and click refresh, which will list the appropriate IPs of the queried country.

2. After refreshing, please note that you will see here is our transit server IP, the IP you are using is our exported IP, right-click and “detect IP”, and you will see the real IP you need to use.

3. You can also copy all proxy IP lists at once, there are 15 IP lists at once.

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