How to win sneaker raffles

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What are sneaker raffles?
Sneaker raffles are an emerging way for sneaker lovers to buy hyped and high-demand sneakers without sky-high costs. They are generally hosted by large-scale retailers. When you win a sneaker raffle, you get the chance to buy the sneaker instead of getting a free pair.
It can be regarded as a method to guarantee a fair and orderly market environment when issuing a new series of shoes that are more likely to be sold out rapidly so that everyone gets a chance to purchase these pairs.
However, sneaker resellers can also make huge profits from sneaker raffles, which is more competitive for regular buyers since resellers generally have multiple accounts for sneaker raffles.
How do sneaker raffles work?
If you win the sneaker raffle, your name will be released on the list. Before you sign up for sneaker raffles, please make sure the information is prepared: address, email, phone number, and payment method.
Typically, you can choose any of the types to engage in sneaker raffles:

1. Online raffles: You can find sneaker raffles information on brands’ apps or websites, keep in mind that register with your email address and prepare payment details in advance. Adidas CONFIRMED and Nike SNKRS are common official channels for sneaker raffles. Aside from official apps, some social media websites or forums also hold such sneaker raffles at irregular intervals. If you win a sneaker raffle, they will contact you for further payment.

2. In-store raffles: To access in-store raffles, you have to take part in them at the retailer’s store on the release day. You will provide some basic information and wait for the results on the pot. From the moment you win the raffle, you can buy the sneaker at the offer price from the store.

Where can you get information about sneaker raffles?
In most cases, sneaker raffles last for several hours so it is urgent for you to access it. Instant sneaker news is essential for you to get the shoes you want.
A. Retailer Websites: Generally, retailers update the latest information about following sneaker raffles on their apps or websites, especially limited-edition sneakers. In order not to miss out on the news about upcoming releases, you had better follow the retailers’ social media accounts as well.
B. Sneaker community: Look for some reliable sneaker communities where members share sneaker raffle news. The sneaker lovers in the community also teach freshmen about efficient ways to boost their chances of winning sneaker raffles. If you have difficulty finding a sneaker raffle list online, just ask for help. They will recommend apps and platforms where you can learn more about accessing and winning sneaker raffles as well.
C. Social networks: social networks involve a large amount of information about various fields, and sneaker raffles are no exception. Take Discord as an example, there are hundreds of groups where users discuss sneaker raffles and the latest notices every day. Try to find a few, you will be closer to winning sneaker raffles. In addition, you can also search for sneakerheads on Instagram who post photos of raffle entries or use hashtags like #sneaker raffles. These are good places to communicate with sneaker fans.

How to win sneaker raffles?
If the sneaker is really hot, we know, the raffle rate will be much lower. Although it depends on your luck, there are some effective methods to increase your chances.

1. Send more entries
If you want to win sneaker raffles, only one entry doesn’t suffice since you’ll be competing with thousands of people. It would be better to open dozens of accounts and send more entries so as to increase the odds.
In general, the sneaker website asks for an email address for entering the sneaker raffle. So you need to lend email addresses from your acquaintances to send additional entries. Actually, if you have stable requirements for sneakers, it’s the best solution to prepare several email accounts only used for entering sneaker raffles.
The websites may not allow you to enter sneaker raffles multiple times with a single IP address. This issue can be solved through different computers or smartphones. There is another option - use sneaker proxies to send dozens of entries from the same device.

Use sneaker raffle bots and sneaker proxies
Due to the fierce competition, sneaker bots are used to speed up the process, which is helpful for sneaker lovers to send entries. If you want to win sneaker raffles, bots alone are far away from enough since the flying speed will risk your IP.
All you need to do is to make sneaker bots work with sneaker proxies to increase the chances of winning sneaker raffles. A sneaker proxy conceals your IP address and provides you with a new IP, so it seems like a device from a different location sends in the entries.
On the one hand, Yilu datacenter proxies are appropriate when you’re going to run out of time. Data center proxies have a rapid speed, letting you send more entries for the sneaker raffle before it shuts down.
On the other hand, residential proxies are very suitable in terms of blocks since residential proxies originate from residential users that the retailer’s website recognizes as authentic users. So it is less likely for the website to ban these users. Yilu proxy are the perfect choice for sneaker raffles, in particular, if you don’t wish to be concerned about the threat of getting a ban.
Sneaker raffles refer to a fair and convenient method to offer everyone a chance to get upcoming sneakers online. To boost your opportunities of winning sneaker raffles, you had better obtain news from the sneaker community, engage in social network groups to communicate with other sneaker lovers, and leverage sneaker raffle bots and sneaker proxies to send more entries for the sneaker raffle.

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