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YouTube - Not Just for Entertainment

As the major video platform, free-to-use YouTube implies huge opportunities for business. Actually, whether to teach some knowledge or to promote products, it proves to be a powerful and intuitive tool for various users. So what benefits can you get from the platform for your business?

1. Extensive Audience

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users, with high visibility on Google. If you employ YouTube for your business marketing, whether content creation or ads placement on others’ videos, you can easily get to your audience. The more people that you smoothly attract, the more potential clients you get to change into sales.

2. Helpful for SEO

Google Search results display images, videos, news, and books to offer the most useful information for people’s reference. Videos show importance by a more usual appearance in results, if you are careful enough. If you optimize your YouTube channel for SEO, you will have a higher ranking on the results when somebody is searching for a video. A higher ranking is more likely to generate more leads. Try to optimize your YouTube videos in terms of titles, descriptions, tags, etc.

3. Money

If you are a distinctive and unique YouTuber, people are likely to pay the bill for what you recommend due to the emotion of trust or appreciation. Then you can earn a large amount of money through high conversion.If you are a business intent on promotion on YouTube, you can also pay for advertisement and harvest a high level of exposure and sales.In a word, if you tend to make money, YouTube is an excellent platform.

What is YouTube Proxy/VPN?

A YouTube VPN serves as a bodyguard between your device and the web you use to access YouTube. More specifically, a YouTube VPN protects your online security by providing a new IP address to substitute the original one. In addition, it can work with automation tools or other third-party software, which is a great helper for business.

Why Need a YouTube Proxy/VPN?

A few specific countries or regions impose restrictions on access to social networks, such as YouTube. Maybe the students just want to look for some worldwide educational content. Or, the marketers wish to make deep investigation about industrial news. In this case, a YouTube proxy helps them accomplish tasks by allowing them to choose any proxy located in any part of the world.

Whether you are an individual YouTuber or a promotion worker, your common goal is to have more views and become a hot channel. You may use a bot to increase the views of a video, which is easily detected by the website. A YouTube Proxy/vpn helps you get around detection and IP bans through rotation technology.

Benefits of YouTube Proxy/VPN

1. Get YouTube Unblocked

As we mentioned above, there are some nations that prohibit residents from accessing YouTube for multiple reasons. In addition, when you try to visit YouTube and listen to music at school, you will find that you get blocked by the web administrator. As the YouTube vpn enables you to connect proxies from worldwide locations, you can use vpn IPs that permit access to YouTube to get YouTube unblocked. Similarly, a marketer from Iran who wants to look for US videos on YouTube can make use of the vpn address of the US to cover the original IP address and appear to be a US inhabitant online.

2. Become the Popular Channel

To start with new business, some people choose to buy a YouTube channel with 100k subscribers to counterfeit a high popularity. However, this is not an effective way since your videos have few views and comments. If you want to use bots to increase views, comments, and the number of people who liked your YouTube video, you may face IP bans since the rapid bots rate is not human-like.There is a suitable method to boost interactions and subscribers - a YouTube proxy that is compatible with almost all bots in the market. YouTube vpn from Yilu proxy provides residential IPs so as to make you appeal to be a regular user when you operate online activities. Then the YouTube platform won’t recognize you are using a bot so as to avoid IP bans. With the help of a YouTube proxy, you can use bots to interact with your intended videos and get your channel more popular.

3. Optimize the YouTube Channel

As a marketer, what you should focus on is video performance, including the ranking, engagement, and users’ emotion analysis so that you can make further improvements. Similarly, combine the scraping tool with a YouTube vpn, and you will have a more reliable data collection experience.


YouTube supplies every brand with a significant opportunity to obtain more traffic and clients. On the other hand, it is a platform with high-level competition and challenges as well. Therefore, you never look forward to harvesting fruits within a day when you just set out posting videos. It is essential for businesses to make strategies before jumping into YouTube marketing. If you tend to be successful in YouTube marketing, not only do you need to create premium videos, but also you should optimize those videos in terms of keywords that YouTube users are searching for.

The Yilu YouTube proxy/VPN is a premium assistant for your business to get YouTube unblocked, increase video views and comments with bots, and optimize the YouTube channel. Yilu proxy has pure global residential IPs and rotation technology, which ensures your anonymity and security on YouTube.

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