IPv4 vs IPv6 Proxy

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IPv4 IPv6 Proxy
Due to a scarcity of IP addresses, ISPs must devise ingenious means to distinguish their users, and mobile networks have been slow to adopt these strategies. Consequently, the utilization of carrier-grade network translation (CGNAT) technology has augmented the value of mobile proxies. In essence, CGNAT technology amalgamates the traffic of multitudes of users into a solitary IP address. If a website blacklists such an IP address, it can preclude numerous users from accessing the website. This constitutes one of the main rationales why mobile proxies are widely regarded as the most difficult to obstruct. Furthermore, numerous popular websites and applications, including Instagram and Facebook, are geared predominantly toward mobile users, which heightens the indispensability of mobile proxies.

What Is an IPv4 Proxy?

An IP address allocated to a home or data center device that utilizes the IPv4 protocol might be referred to as an IPv4 proxy server. The fourth version of the IP protocol, simply referred to as "v4", is unquestionably the foundation of the public Internet. Four numerical segments, each ranging from 0 to 255, make up an IPv4 address. The fact that IPv4 can only give 4 billion unique addresses, which is insufficient to meet the needs of all connected devices on the Internet, is a significant problem. Even though this issue has existed for more than ten years, IPv4 is still the most extensively used protocol.
What Is an IPv6 Proxy?
An IPv6 proxy refers to an approach that utilizes the IPv6 protocol to allocate an IP address to a residential or data center device. It is noteworthy that the term "v6" denotes the sixth edition of the IP protocol, which came into existence in 2012 with the aim of addressing the problem of inadequate IP addresses. Notably, IPv6 addresses are lengthier than IPv4, incorporating both letters AF and numbers, thereby enhancing their uniqueness. As per estimates, the number of IPv6 addresses stands at approximately 340 undecillion, implying that their exhaustion is unlikely to occur anytime soon.

IPv4 vs IPv6

1. Compatibility.
Although the IPv6 protocol is clearly required, its adoption rate has not been nearly as high as that of IPv4. This phenomenon has a very reasonable explanation: IPv6 is not compatible with IPv4. Therefore, in order to achieve a comprehensive transition, the entire Internet, including all ISPs, data centers, cloud service providers, etc., must be upgraded to IPv6. Even in this day and age, 71% of Alexa 500 sites still do not support IPv6. Included in this disturbing figure are big sites like Amazon, Twitter, Reddit and Yelp.
2. Quality.
Presently, residential proxy providers are yet to incorporate IPv6 proxy services into their offerings, albeit several companies already sell IPv6 addresses tailored to data centers. These entities are quite economical as the cost of acquiring an entire subnet of unused addresses is significantly lower than that of IPv4 proxies.
Nonetheless, the actual advantages of utilizing this approach are rather underwhelming. Should an IPv6 address on a fresh subnet be blocked, the entire subnet will be promptly blacklisted, and websites are known to act on this without hesitation. Consequently, hundreds or even thousands of IP addresses may need to be consumed to remedy the situation.
In summary, the answer is obvious: IPv4 proxy servers are now unquestionably superior. It offers better quality residential addresses in addition to supporting more websites.
Comparison of IPv4 and IPv6

Additional advantages of IPv4 proxy.

1. Exceptional stability of the proxy server.
Even when enabling the transfer of big files, the IPv4 proxy server can maintain uninterrupted operations. Users can thereby take use of a seamless, dependable, and high-speed connection lacking stressing about service interruptions or downtime.
2. Highly reliable.The reliability of the IPv4 proxy is extremely high, and the private IP can protect users' personal information from scammers and hackers. This is especially important for those users who plan to purchase elite business addresses. Considering your security and confidentiality needs, choosing IPv4 Proxy and Private IP will be your wise and responsible decision.

Use cases of IPv4 proxy.

1. SEO.
By using search engine parsing, competitor analysis, and semantic core collection, you can obtain precise data from multiple sources, which will greatly simplify your website audit work. However, when you use these tools frequently, you may encounter CAPTCHAS and other limitations that can seriously affect your productivity. However, with a private proxy for IPv4 servers, you can easily avoid these limitations and make your work more efficient and smooth.
2. Social media operation.
On social networks, forums, dating sites, and international portals, you are free to engage with others, and download relevant media, including music, movies, and books. Utilizing a different IPv4 proxy will allow you to browse the internet freely and unrestrictedly without any limits or censorship if you need to access previously banned resources.
Furthermore, if you need to advertise a lot of accounts on social media, this technique can result in the service administration permanently banning your account. By purchasing a separate IPv4 proxy, you may prevent this from happening. This proxy will secure your anonymity and location, allowing you to advertise your campaigns without worrying about coming across as dishonest.
3. Online gaming.
4. Brand protection.
5. Price monitoring.

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