How to Set and Manage Shopify Store Rightly

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Shopify Business
What I want to talk about today is how to use the SHOPIFY as e-commerce website, or how to make your shopify store live or profitable.
So, let's introduce the function of Shopify background. First of all, if you have registered and created the store through the mailbox, and the billing address is filled in, you will enter the interface of the Shopify background. Before entering this interface, you usually let you choose a plan. SHOPIFY has three plans to choose from, including $ 29, $ 79 and $ 299. The difference between these three plans can be viewed below. After entering the SHOPIFY background interface, you can use it to manage your store, including adding products, processing orders, setting payment methods, setting delivery methods, and so on. In short, Shopify background is a powerful tool that can help you manage your e -commerce store.
In fact, for most people, using only $ 29 is enough to meet the needs. However, if your store has achieved a certain success and wants to further improve, you can consider buying a plan of $ 79 or $ 299. These two plans provide richer features, and you can learn more. A lot of data overview will be displayed on the homepage. In addition, there will be some help information to help you optimize the store, including create logo, join the brand, and so on. In addition, there will be some articles to help you learn how to use Shopify.
1. Shopify background is a very simple and easy to use. You will find that there are many functions that can be used by customization. For example, you can add your own data overview instrument panel to the homepage of the background. In addition, there is an order management system, where you can view all orders or create custom orders, and it is similar to the AliExpress collection link function. Custom orders are more functional than Speed Sale. You can send orders directly to customers through Facebook, mailbox or other methods. In addition, there are unpaid orders, which are orders for the abandoned shopping cart. In the order management system, you can fill in the shipping number, receipt, handling orders, refund, and so on. In short, Shopify background is a powerful tool that can help you manage your e -commerce store.
2. The product function, where you can add new products. The interface of the product is also very easy to use, you only need to enter the title and description. Similar to the classification function of Speed Story, but in Shopify, you need to use text to express product information instead of choosing applicable categories and options.
Then, here you can upload the main picture and detail page picture of the product, for example, you can upload 6 main pictures. Here you can enter the price of the product, such as $ 5, the original price of $ 10, etc. In addition, you can also enter SKU (inventory unit), select whether to track inventory, select freight templates, input dimensions and weights, and customs coding information. In addition, you can add product variants, such as size, color, material, etc. For example, your products can have a variant of size, such as XS, S, M, L, XL, etc. Color variables can be red, blue, black, etc. Material variants can be cotton, leather, polyester, etc. After adding variants, you will see a variety of product changes. Shopify's product has a very rich product function. You can try it and remember to save it.
Here you can manage inventory of your products, including allocating and transferring, synchronizing online online shop inventory, etc. This feature can help you expand the customer base, such as online shops overseas. Inventory management functions are also classified and managed, just like we are classified by AliExpress.
In fact, for us, we only need to use a $ 29 plan to meet the needs of most people. When your performance reaches a certain degree, if you want to improve more, you can buy a plan of $ 79 or 299, and they will have more and richer features. Let's briefly look at the homepage of this background. First of all, here is the homepage, there are many data overviews, similar to our sales in the background. After data overview, there is no custom function. There are some help information in it, which will give some prompts to tell you how to optimize your store, create logo, etc., increase your brand, and so on. For example, there are some articles to help you learn how to use this system.
When your use of the background is becoming more and more proficient, many things in it will change. For example, you can add your own overview data and instrument panel here.
In the background of the manager, we can see the information of all customers, including their contact information, their purchase records, their receiving address, and so on. If you want to manage your customers, you can also operate here. This system also has a message center function. This feature allows you to keep in touch with your customers. You can send marketing messages or reminded messages here. In addition, this system also has the function of marketing tools. You can set discounts, coupons, full reduction activities, etc. here to help you increase the sales of the store. In general, this system is very rich and can meet the needs of most e -store shops.
Here, in addition to generating records, we can also manage, such as sending emails to users or doing other things.
This is a data overview, and its data is very detailed. For example, it includes total sales, total number of visitors, conversion rates, total orders, flow sources, and even the highest sales of sales sources. This is a data report. Data Overview is a real -time overview that can show how many visitors to your store currently and where are they from. You can monitor visits around the world. For example, we can see access records from California. There is a data over 10 minutes, which is very detailed. You can see information such as the number of people who joined the shopping cart, the number of people who checkout in the 10 minutes, the number of people who clicks on the payment, and the number of people who really buy.
This is the discount part that can create discounts here. There are various types of discounts and can be discounted according to conditions such as purchases or amounts. You can use discounts, sets, or all orders. You can also set the minimum purchase amount and minimum product quantity.
In addition, we can formulate specific discounts for different customers, such as new customers, old customers and wholesale customers. We can set discount codes for these customers and set the number of discount codes. You can set the effective time for everyone, each order or everyone, or you can set the discount code. In addition, discount codes can be generated randomly. When paying, foreign users are usually used to automatically enjoy discounts after entering the discount code, and the order amount will automatically reduce according to the set requirements.
This function contains all the functions of e -commerce, whether you want or not, you can find it here. Drop shipping is a common way for foreign e -commerce, that is, to purchase products in batches through the tools, then fill in the shipping number and buyer address, send the product to the shops that sell it, and the almithm will be based on In the end, the seller can get the difference from the price as profit. This way is like a generation.
During the daily speed sales operation process, we may encounter such a situation: Some people use tools to buy our products and directly ship them. In order to solve the problem of sales bottlenecks, some sellers will find some sellers who can distribute their products to expand their traffic, thereby increasing sales. Some people will distribute other people's products, and finally return to the original seller to pay orders, so that both parties can make a profit.
In fact, the price of many things we sell is very cheap. They use their wisdom and resources to operate our products and finally get paid. This is a tool for some APP application markets, let me take a look. This is one of them, and there are many, such as it for different functions, such as providing products. What does this tool provide? It provides printed T -shirts, vests, etc. If you want to sell the printed T vest, you can collect the product to your store here, and then you sell it, the order will be passed to him, and then he will ship, print, etc., and finally form a process. You are responsible for traffic. He is responsible for traffic. He is responsible for traffic. Responsible for selling products. There are many tools here, such as order printing tools, order management tools, discount tools, and even various tools, such as searching tools to help you create navigation business, and so on.
In addition, there are SEO tools to help you do SEO work in shopify. There are many rich resources here. For example, this is some tools to help sell, which is a strategy for payment. This is a tool for marketing, such as marketing email data instrument panels, turntables, and random turntables. You can put your discount code in a random turntable, such as over 10 minus 2, 20 minus 3, and 30 minus 4. Let the user draw the discount code by themselves, get the discount code, let them fill in the mailbox, send them to his email via the mailbox, and let them use it.
There are some inventory management tools and some delivery tools. Of course, some may not be suitable for us because the delivery tool may be targeted at foreigners. For example, many foreigners do not sell our products in our country, but sell their own products in their own country, and they also use the construction tools. There are also some account management tools and social media marketing tools, such as tools and competitions for creating social media news flow. In addition, there are TOB -related tools, some functions of Instagram stores, as well as customer service tools, such as data reports, data tracking, helping you advertise, and so on. In the APP application market, there is also a function called sales channels. We can expand the sales scope through sales channels.
The first function is called the purchase button. This purchase button can be placed in many places. For example, it will give you a string of code on the blog. You can put it on the blog. For example, this is a tool for offline. You can bind your Facebook proxy homepage with here, and your Shopify products will appear in your Facebook homepage shop simultaneously. Because the Facebook homepage store can be sold through the Pin Trace, you can create a purchase link for your product through such a tool, which affects consumer purchase decisions.
Pinky is a tool that helps you publish the product on the Pinterest agent. In addition, there are other popular foreign websites, for example, you can spread your product through Message, and you can synchronize the product to Amazon. However, to synchronize the product to Amazon, you must have Amazon shops.
Some foreign social media platforms, forums, and websites, which mention the Instagram agent, is a very new platform and has a enhanced function, but it cannot be added. It is also mentioned that a website that promotes discounts can be promoted through various sales channels to obtain more traffic. In addition, the function of connecting FaceBook is mentioned. After creating the homepage, you can publish the product to Facebook, and when others buy the product, you will directly jump to the e-commerce website for purchase. The page of the e-commerce website includes many sub -pages, including homepages, blog pages, and random pages. You can also create blank pages and add various features, such as brand stories.
In addition, the SEO agent of the website is mentioned, that is, fill in related keywords in the website title and content to improve the search engine ranking. In addition, you can add Google hierarchical accounts, Facebook proxy pixels and tracking passwords here, and manage it.
The focus is on the decoration of the homepage. We can choose some templates on the homepage, and even go to buy some templates and import them outside. Here is a charging template market. We can buy the source code of others here, and then upload it to our shop to modify it.
After modifying, we can get a very beautiful website. There are many different themes here, there are free and paid. Just like the fast -selling decoration market, there are many categories in the decoration market. We can buy different categories here, and then replace pictures and product information to get a beautiful website. In order to demonstrate to everyone, we first use free templates. The free template looks like this, but in fact, even if the free template is used, we can decorate a very good shop. The first is the page, we can use our own logo, or choose a stylish picture as the page. Of course, you can also use other pictures to decorate the page.
In the first poster picture, we can choose a natural landscape picture as the background. This is a page that can add elements such as buttons, text and other elements. You can add text and pictures here. For example, we can add a life theme, where to modify text and links here. There is also a function of creating a collection here. We can put 4 products in one page, or 2 or 3 rows, so that the layout of the product can be adjusted. We can also choose some sets to display. Here is a light and shadow show, we can upload videos or other content. We can add a video link here, so that our page will become a video, and others can watch it. There are many other templates here, such as blog posts, category collection, etc. We can also add some elements to the head and tail.
After the renovation, this website also has a mobile version, we can view it through mobile phone previews. This is a full -screen preview, which can also be viewed by computer preview. A website is actually very simple. We only need to replace the picture and make some settings. Of course, we can also modify the tone and color of the website, adjust the fonts, add social media links, etc. In addition, we can set small icons on the website, such as Baidu, Google, Email, etc., so that a small icon will be displayed on the website.Website decoration is very simple. Here I introduce some basic functions. You only need to perform and operate step by step according to your own plan, and you can quickly establish a website. Of course, there are many details to pay attention to. For example, when filling in the address of the website, we recommend filling in an American address. If you can't find the US address, you can use a virtual identity tool to find an American address, just fill in one casually.
Here, you can see a time and a adjustment option. What can I adjust using this adjustment option on the website? For example, how is your tax adjustment? In your account, you can adjust many things, such as the rate of current accounts. In addition, you can add your credit card account, system account, and even Google account. You can also upgrade your shop and pause and close the store. If you want to sell your store, you can close the store and sell it. For example, if you think your shop has been done for a while and you can sell some money, you can sell your shop.
There is another payment setting. In addition to the payment method provided by Shopify, this payment setting is used to receive external payment. Here, you can fill in your collection method, such as Papal or Ali Pay. Of course, in addition to these, we can also use other payment tools, such as Bitcoin or installment payment. If you want to use these tools, you may need to apply for an account. In addition, there are many other payment tools, such as large payment. Here, you can bind your Papal account so that you can use Papal to collect money.
ARM is a part of the collection setting. There are also notification settings here, but we no longer discuss it now. Here is the bill settings to manage monthly bills. In addition, there are shopping carts, including how to collect and pay, and what information is needed, such as addresses, etc., such as addresses. There are also website description settings here to set the website. In addition, there are file management, which are used to manage pictures and texts.
The freight template settings. Here, you can set the freight template. For example, you can specify the delivery address and then add a freight template. For example, you can name the freight template, and then add a country, such as China. Then enter the corresponding price. Just like AliExpress freight templates, which countries can you set up and which countries can be shipped, which countries to charge, and even some countries we do not ship. Here, you can also set freight according to weight or price. For example, when you can set the weight when the weight reaches a certain value, the freight will rise or decrease. You can also set the freight based on the order price. For example, you can set up $ 5 orders to charge $ 2 freight and $ 10 for orders. There is also Shopping here, which is the management of sales channels. You can add or delete sales channels here.
The functions here are very rich. I briefly introduce all the functions in the settings for everyone. These features are enough to meet all the needs of your sales online. For those who are familiar with such tools, he may only need a week to build a complete sales website. For beginners, it may take two weeks to establish a website.
This is a Shopify guide, which contains many details about Shopify, including settings and order management. If you take the steps of this guide carefully, you can almost ensure that you will do everything.

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