Use Uver APP for Shopify Selling Without Inventory.

Fri Feb 17 2023admin
Shopify Business
When doing AliExpress and Amazon, everyone is used to using through train and CPC. I believe that everyone is willing to spend money to promote their products. Can AliExpress products be uploaded in Shopify? In fact, Amazon products can also be uploaded. In Shopify's sales channel, we can see that there is a channel called Amazon. Once we've added it, it's time to sync the product with Amazon's. That is, when you publish a product in Shopify, it is also published on Amazon. If you want to promote your products on Amazon, you can directly connect to your Amazon account for promotion. You can also set up a separate site and provide a link in it to let users jump to Amazon to pay.
I haven't tested the seller's buy function yet, because I haven't done business on Amazon myself, so I don't know the specific situation very well. If you want to learn more, you can try it by yourself. Here is a function to connect to Amazon, which can be interconnected with Amazon. Okay, some students asked how to import AliExpress products into Shopify. One way is that we can see an APP called Uver in the APP function of Shopify. We can click on it, and then add this APP, we can successfully add it to Shopify.
After successfully adding the Uver tool, we can install another extension tool in the browser extension. The tool is now added. Now let me briefly introduce this tool to you. This is a tool for products on Shopify, what can it do for you? It can provide you with the source of goods, and it can also help you find the source of goods in AliExpress. After finding the source, it has a lot of other functions. We now focus on the most important features. Once you've found sources, you can mark them up here.
For example, if you collect a product on AliExpress, this tool will automatically adjust the price for you. You can set the price to double, or triple, it’s all up to you. Then you can upload these products to your standalone site, and then start promoting your standalone site and start selling your products. This tool also provides some other functions, such as automatic synchronization of inventory, automatic price update and so on. In this way, you can easily sell AliExpress products on Shopify.
After selling the goods on AliExpress, we can place an order on AliExpress and let the seller of AliExpress deliver the goods for us. This is a way of passing trade. Next, let's demonstrate how to add a product on AliExpress and upload it to our Facebook and Instagram. Through deep linking, we can share products on social media and let users click on the tag to jump directly to our website. For example, we can select a video and see our plugin automatically recognize the product. Here, we can see that it is EU treasure, the shipping fee is 2.35 euros, and it is free shipping.
So we can take a look at this thing, I look fine and it's only $7.87, it's a big pearl. If we double it, I'll sell it for $20. We can click OK to upload it, and then look at other products. For example, I think this product is okay, and the products of the Mi brand are also good, most of them are pearl products, such as pearl necklaces. We can double the price and sell it. After adding so many products, we can go to open the link to import products. We can select some products here, then categorize them, add types and tags, and upload them directly to the store. We can click upload to the store here, and then confirm, so that we have uploaded several products to the store.
Let's go into our Shopify store again to see our products. See if these products have been uploaded to our store, we can enter these products to have a look and preview them. Look at the two main pictures of this product, the price of this title has doubled, and the description has also been grabbed. Products are uploaded here naturally. Of course, we can also edit and modify these products ourselves. Here we can directly add to cart and pay with paper. After receiving the payment, we can go to AliExpress to take pictures of this product and let the seller ship it. We can fill in the customer's address here. We can place orders here smoothly.
This tool also provides us with a function, that is, we can directly bind a credit card here. We can set the default payment method and delivery method, such as what the phone number is. We can leave customer messages in the order, do not leave any information, QR codes, etc. Or we can provide our brand name and logo to our customers, please ship as soon as possible.

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