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Thu Feb 16 2023admin
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TikTok is very popular now, and many people are asking how to make money from TikTok. What I want to share today is the mode of TikTok and independent website. First of all, we need multiple YiLuProxy residential IPs for preventing accounts from being associated, because registering multiple TikTok accounts and posting more videos can help your brands and products be widely known. So how to drive traffic from TikTok to a website?
We know that since the epidemic has become more and more serious, many people want to sell masks and other anti-epidemic materials to make a fortune. Some people use the TikTok channel to attract traffic. But it does not have a shopping cart function. How did you sell the masks through TikTok? In fact, it is very simple. It is a mode of using an independent website and TikTok.
We first use ShopLine to build our own website. Why not use Shopify to build it here? Because selling masks in Shopify is easy to get blocked, so we all use ShopLine. After setting up, guide TikTok fans to your website. By driving traffic from TikTok to independent stations, we can reach $50,000 in half a month.
It's not difficult to do TikTok. Make some videos carefully. Often, one of the three videos can exceed 1 million views. Go to the home page of the TikTok account to activate the home page jump link function. Every time a TikTok video is recommended to be popular on the homepage, the page views of the corresponding website will get a very intuitive skyrocketing.
After buyers enter the website, the conversion rate of buying masks is generally around 3%, which is not particularly high. But the cost of making videos on TikTok is not high, so the conversion data is actually pretty good. However, there are still buyers who buy in large quantities after they come to our website, and it may cost more than 3,000 US dollars for a single order. These are all a result of our layout of TikTok plus an independent station. But why can we achieve a turnover of 50,000 US dollars in half a month? In fact, not everyone can do it. I think whether you can achieve this kind of achievement, the details of your TikTok account are really important.
There are many friends who only want to increase their followers and only care about the number of followers on their accounts. In fact, sometimes the number of followers does not determine how many products you can sell. Therefore, we generally attach great importance to some high-quality followers, or strive to cultivate potential buyers into our high-quality followers, who are willing to pay for us. Of course, there are many other details, including your video production, your marketing skills, account settings, and so on.

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