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In this article, let's continue to talk about social media Tiktok influencer marketing methods. First of all, we need to use YiLuProxy residential IPs to register and log in to multiple Google accounts.
(1) According to surveys, compared with traditional advertisements, online celebrity marketing on the Internet is easier to convey brand ideas and impress consumers with products, and can better arouse fans' emotions. According to statistics, companies will spend as much as US$13.8 billion on TikTok marketing in 2021, an increase of 40% compared to 2020. Compared with advertising, it is easier to arouse the emotions of fans by conveying a brand or product through an influencer’s video. 90% of companies said that the return on investment of online celebrity marketing is higher than other channels, 70% of companies said that online celebrity marketing is their first choice of marketing methods, and 50% of consumers said they would buy products and services recommended by small and medium-sized Internet celebrities , which shows the importance of online celebrity marketing, and this is also a method that brands going overseas must learn to apply.
(2) Impulsive consumption I believe everyone knows that, especially those engaged in content e-commerce, it is even more important to grasp the psychology of buyers to stimulate consumption. Therefore, we can find some tiktok influencers to implement a soft wide implant to achieve the purpose of marketing marketing. At the same time, you can also apply the TikTok internet celebrity planting mode with short videos to the live broadcast mode. Through online celebrities interacting with TikTok users in real time during the live broadcast, the interaction rate is increased, and the product details, functions, cost-effectiveness, etc. are fully introduced to increase the trust of TikTok users. At present, we are also doing Internet celebrities to promote this service. Internet celebrities and consumers actually have an emotional connection. Compared with advertising, it is easier to gain the trust of fans. It is easier to arouse fans’ emotions through Internet celebrities’ videos to promote brands or products.
According to a survey report by mediakix, 80% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is effective, 71% of companies say that the quality of customers and traffic from influencer marketing are better than other sources, and 89% of companies say that their network Red marketing ROI is on par or better than other marketing channels. 48% of consumers said that they are very likely to follow the recommendation of small and medium influencers. In fact, 82 percent of Americans seek recommendations from friends and family when considering a purchase, according to Nielsen. These data prove that for the modern consumer, the appeal of word-of-mouth marketing is undisputed. You can choose the combined marketing model of "KOL+KOC", so that KOL and KOC can cooperate with each other to create a marketing hotspot. In brand marketing, KOC achieves word-of-mouth communication and brand cultivation, while KOL achieves topic influence and efficient consumption transformation. These two roles are indispensable in the marketing link. For example, the rise of the domestic brand Huaxizi is the most Good example.
TikTok is a very suitable platform for seller marketing. You can sign up for TikTok directly with Google account. In the search, we can search for keywords, such as people related to AliExpress. You can contact these people and post your products on their channels. You can also pay a certain advertising fee and let others help you forward your products.
We can check the effect of the video to see what kind of effect we can get. For example, an hour ago, he posted a video about clothes, which got 10,000 views, 25 likes, and 3 retweets. Take a look at this product, which was also released an hour ago, and has around 10,000 views. Typically, a post gets more than 10,000 views.
We can search on TikTok, search for your brand or product, etc. Or, you can just find some suitable people here. For example, you make clothing, pajamas, children's clothing, or swimwear. You can find some people with good figures and good looks, who match the temperament of your product. Once you find an influencer, you can promote it by having him wear your product.

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