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SMM YoutubeIf you want to make money on YouTube, you must have many subscribers, and the subscribers are attracted by your videos. You can create multiple Youtube channels with different themes by using YiLu Proxy and increase the rate to be success. What kind of videos will be popular on YouTube? Let me tell you three cases.
1. For most people, 8 years old is the age when they reach out to their elders for pocket money. Ryan, an 8-year-old boy from Texas, has an annual income of 180 million yuan. Ryan has a world channel called Ryan on YouTube, with 23 million subscribers. The Spanish and Japanese versions of the channel were originally built in 2015, when Ryan was only 3 years old. The channel will update the video content every day. It is very simple, that is, playing new dramas, professional experience, and scientific experiments.In April 2016, the channel released a video called the huge egg surprise toy challenge on the inflatable slide, which received up to 1.9 billion views, one of the 50 videos watched by YouTube with the largest number. In the video, only 5-year-old kid ran up and down in the simple inflatable slide toy on the lawn, looking for the egg surprise hidden in it. Open the small toys hidden in the eggs one by one. His parents and twin sisters often appear in the video with him. They created their own video style with bright colors, exaggerated expressions, and body language.Forbes' revenue list is based on the pre-tax revenue ranking obtained from sponsorship advertising, peripheral product sales, and offline activities. For many online celebrities like Ryan, video is a stepping stone, and other derivative products are their magic weapon to attract money crazily. Ryan has its own brand and sells more than 100 kinds of toys, clothing, and other products. In early December, the Ryan family also opened an online store on Amazon. Ryan's spin-off TV program was also broadcast in the first season on Nick Children's Channel in the United States. He also reached an agreement with Hulu, a paid film and television website, to repackage his videos.A survey showed that the videos on YouTube's high-subscription channels included children's video viewing, which was nearly three times as much as other types of videos on average. Among parents with children under the age of 11, 81% allowed their children to watch YouTube videos.
2. A YouTube channel called the king of destruction has a total of 1.3 million followers. It has only done this account for two years, very fast, and now the average number of followers is 2000 every day. What is the daily income of his channel? Guess what? The answer is $500. Pay attention to the daily income, not every month.
What is the video of the king of destruction about? Let me give you a brief description. In one of his videos, he took a firecracker and set it on the rail to destroy it. Such a video has 30 million views. How much can he get for such a video? About $30000.
His video did some damage. For example, he also had a video about exploding the iPhone with firecrackers. This video sent directly brought 200000 fans to his account. No found. In fact, his video has no hard technology, no knowledge and no beauty, but his video is very successful and makes a lot of money. Let me tell you another video of him. Taking Coca Cola to fill the iPhone XS mobile phone is a real one. It is not enough after filling it with water. He also needs to put the iPhone on the rail, drive the train past, or take a bunch of firecrackers to blast the phone. Just want to break the phone.In fact, there are many behaviors that are very dangerous. Normally, most people will not do them, but he will do these things that we normal people will not do. We are also very curious about these things, so his video hits will be so high, which are tens of millions of hits.
3. On YouTube, I found a magic video. This video is about shooting a bonfire. People from abroad have party parties, and usually use a pile of firewood to light a bonfire. This kind of video takes 3 hours from ignition to extinction. There is no editing, no dubbing, and no interpretation of any characters, which is a very original record.
Guess how many views the video has? The answer is 45 million. Friends who do not know YouTube may not know what the concept of 45 million clicks is. I will make an account for you. A click of a YouTube video can give back a dime to the creator. With 45 million views, this video can earn him 45000 dollars.
We just looked back and analyzed this video. You will find it strange. Do you think he is creative? Is there anything outstanding about him? No, The campfire shot for three hours can get 45 million views. Many people don't understand what is worth watching and how boring it is. In fact, there is one thing to pay attention to when making YouTube. The works should have their own characteristics, that is, the so-called differentiation. There is also a second video, which is equivalent to a collection of bonfires. There are mountains and water beside the bonfires. The whole mode of the video is the same as that of a video, without any editing explanation. These naturally record the whole process of the bonfire burning out slowly. Will this video be boring? In fact, I feel there are some connotations to it. I feel that the whole process of the bonfire from lighting to extinguishing is like the process of life from birth to death. We are burning ourselves.
How to make money on YouTube?YouTube is the second-largest website on the Internet and the largest video website in the world, with billions of views every day. Such a huge amount of traffic will naturally generate opportunities to make money. Now more and more people are making money by uploading videos on YouTube. The most powerful bloggers have earned more than millions of dollars on YouTube. You can take videos completely, or you can go to the top of your life without worrying about food and drink. Of course, first of all, you need to be able to shoot very powerful videos. If you don't have this ability, can't you make money through oil pipes? Of course, it is not as the saying goes. It can be realized when there is flow. So even if you can't make great videos, don't be afraid.
There are still many ways to make money through YouTube.
1. Become a partner of YouTube. This is one of the best ways to make money with YouTube. Most bloggers earn their first bucket of money through official cooperation plans. The YouTube cooperation plan allows video creators to make money by displaying advertisements in videos. YouTube will calculate the specific profit amount according to the number of advertisements displayed. So when your video is watched by many people, you can make a lot of money. So as long as your videos are good enough, you can make profits. However, luckily, I let the famous Charlie on the oil pipe bite my finger first. The short film had more than 800 million views in less than a minute, and the blogger directly received more than 4 million dividends.
2. Make money through fan sponsorship. The above method is that the oil pipe official directly shares it with you through advertising. It has to be said that although it is convenient, the video has no good viewing volume and the income is very small. So we can also make money directly through fan sponsorship. As long as your video is liked by many people, you can reward yourself directly.
3. Sell goods directly through the channel. If your video is a suitable theme, you can also sell the goods directly. In this way, when watching your video, the audience can buy directly if they like the goods. For example, if your video is about clothing matching, you can sell clothes directly. After the channel has a certain number of fans, it can also directly customize t-shirts for sale, which makes more money. The most important thing is that there is no need to join the cooperation plan and there are no restrictions.
4. Make money through affiliate marketing. If you have no commodity channels or feel that your sales are too troublesome, you can also directly promote their products through affiliates such as Amazon and earn sales commissions. Although it doesn't make much money from selling goods by itself, it saves time and effort, and doesn't need to worry about delivery and so on.
5.Sell the Link location on the video. As the largest video website in the world, YouTube is very powerful, HD videos, has powerful analysis and management tools, which can translate subtitles directly and add external links to videos.
Because YouTube can add external links to videos to link to other YouTube video channel playlists and external websites, you can directly publish sales information. If someone wants you to help promote his video or video channel, he can contact you and add his channel or video link to your video by paying for it.
6. Attract users to your own websites through video, make profits through advertising on their own websites.

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