How to Apply for YouTube Partner Program

Fri Feb 17 2023admin
SMM Youtube
Hello everyone, today we will talk about the YouTube partner program issue. Of course, an overseas residential IP with a stable Socks5 node has a great impact on the account. You should not change the residential IP to log in to the account at will. Yilu proxy is recommended. This will have a certain impact on passing the audit, and even be blocked due to abnormal IP .
When we already have a certain number of fans on YouTube, we can enter the stage of YouTube partner program. There is a big problem with the audit. If you are completely transported, you may feel sad about the audit. So this is why I always encourage everyone to make more original videos.
In the past few years, it was relatively easy for YouTube to pass the review at that time, but it has become more and more difficult recently. The YouTube platform will automatically review it first, and if it does not meet the requirements, it will be returned and passed, and then handed over to manual review. If the manual review is passed, it is considered that all the reviews have passed the platform. It uses some data traffic methods to judge whether you meet the standards.
You know, YouTube's algorithm is actually more accurate than most of our domestic software programs. For example, one of your video algorithms will automatically intercept a piece of data stream in the video and compare it with other video content on the platform to see if there are any similarities. If yes, sorry, same video, you have to delete it.
Therefore, if you want to quickly pass the YouTube partner program review, it is best to do original video content. When doing YouTube, I have always encouraged you to pay attention to two things. One is to do vertical fields, and the other is to flexibly hype hot spots. These two must work hard. Then you will find that YouTube proxy is actually not difficult to do.
There is also a requirement for the YouTube partner program that your video must have 4,000 hours of views. Some friends think that this target is difficult to achieve, but it is not difficult. We quantify the indicators, such as a 6-minute video, as long as it can be played 30,000 times, you have basically achieved the goal. Of course, we don’t need to reach the goal immediately within a day or two. We need to be a little patient, and we can reach the goal in about half a month. Don’t feel that 4000 hours is too difficult.

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