Problems of YouTube Marketing

Fri Feb 17 2023admin
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Hello everyone, what I want to talk about today is the introductory guide to YouTube. Of course, if we want to use YouTube for marketing, we need to use the overseas residential IP configured by the socks5 node. Domestic IPs cannot log in to YouTube, but use residential IPs to operate If so, because the stability of the residential IP can protect our account and cultivate the weight account.
There are a lot of small partners asking about YouTube, and I found that the problems encountered by newcomers are similar. To sum it up, there are nothing more than these 5 mistakes.
1. Not understanding the target audience. If you don't know who the target audience is, and you don't know what kind of content the audience likes, you can only make content that feels good about yourself. Therefore, before starting a channel, a basic persona must be constructed. Who are they, what do they like, where do they come from, how much do they have, where can they find substance.
2. Unfamiliar with competing channels. Know yourself and the enemy, and you will never be imperiled in a hundred battles. Whether it is domestic or foreign self-media, competitive product analysis is very important. But many newcomers don't have this awareness, and they always think of plans by themselves, making various guesses and assumptions. If you want to be familiar with the gameplay in your field, you must keep an eye on the movements and data of your opponents or peers, including the selection of competing products, the data of competing products, the rules of competing products, and even details such as their shooting and editing.
3. Excessive expectations for new channels. Many YouTube newcomers are very distressed after posting a few videos, but there are no views, or the views are only single digits, and they even doubt their lives. Is my content wrong? Is the platform targeting me? Is the tubing hopeless? In fact, it is very normal to have no traffic at the beginning, and most channels have no traffic at the beginning. YouTube's initial volume is very slow in the early days, but it will skyrocket once you get traffic later, please wait patiently and don't think too much. What you have to do is to constantly optimize content and improve operational skills.
4. The focus of discarding the basics and chasing the last. Many newcomers will pay special attention to the two values​of playback volume and subscription volume. It is important, but the core data is not the core data of these channels. In the early stage, more attention should be paid to content quality and user feedback. The specific data is mainly reflected in the click-through rate, completion rate and positioning rate, rather than other superficial data.
5. Ignore production costs. Any industry seeks to maximize benefits while minimizing costs. Although the income of the YouTube agency is quite high, it must also take into account the production. For example, if you invest a lot of time, manpower, material resources, and financial resources at the beginning, you have to think about whether it is worth it, and whether you can really make money on YouTube after turning on the income. If you want to make money through YouTube, you must avoid these mistakes.

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