4 Strategies for Amazon Seller Product Differentiation

Wed Feb 15 2023admin
amazon product differentiation
If your product on Amazon is the same as other merchants' products, there is no difference, then the competition will be fierce. It will be easier for buyers to buy your product only if it is different from the others. Let me share with you 4 strategies for creating high-quality Amazon product differentiation.
1. Starting from the market. In fact, when we sell various products on the Internet, there are actually two main points. The first is to start from the interest and enthusiasm of consumers, and the other is to start from the existing needs. Don't just believe in other people's so-called hot products at the beginning of product selection, or use the data on the product selection software completely mechanically.
2. Develop product lines to focus on products and brands. When the first product in our store is selected, the subsequent new products should be kept under one large category as much as possible. There are three purposes for this, the first is to facilitate the creation of our brand recognition. The second is that after the products' scale is large, our packaging can be unified, so that the cost of packaging materials can be reduced. The third is to create more uniform social media content for our products.
3. Choose mature market demand to intervene, choose mature and already popular products to intervene. There are two advantages to this. The first is that compared with emerging markets, we can reduce the cost of trial and error. The second point is that you can get effective feedback through existing products to understand the real needs of the market. The fourth point is to improve the product. We need to know how to find the existing deficiencies in the market. The main channels include Facebook communities, YouTube videos, and forums. Of course, different locations' situations are different. Using YiLu proxy residential IPs in more than 200 countries and regions, you can check the situation in different regions.
4. The inspection standard of good products. The first point is whether the product provides a better solution. The second point is whether the quality of this product is qualified. The third point is whether consumers need to have an additional learning cost, and the last one is whether the product is easy to use.
Good products need time to polish and be outstanding. The more we prepare before the product goes on the shelves, the more worry-free we will be after it goes on the shelves. It’s the last step to put products on the shelves for sale, and all the previous preparations are the basis of marketing.

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